AFMG Reflex released

AFMG Reflex released AFMG Reflex simulates the scattering, diffusion and reflection of sound by surface structures, such as diffusers, and can export results directly to EASE.

Associated Companies

The following companies are closely related to the founders:

SDA Software Design Ahnert GmbH designs and develops our software products.

AFMG Technologies GmbH distributes and markets our software products.

AFMG Foundation gGmbH - non-profit organization that supports universities and schools.

Olson Sound Design - President Bruce Olson heads AFMG's Advanced Technical Support and Beta Management.

ADA Acoustic Design Ahnert - engineering office founded by Dr. Wolfgang Ahnert.

ADA Acoustics & Media Consultants GmbH - sister company of ADA, founded by Dr. Wolfgang Ahnert.

Third Party Services

The following companies are professional users of some of our software packages and provide services related to them.

Loudspeaker Data Acquisition

Anselm Goertz, Germany - Loudspeaker measurements and EASE data generation.

ETC, Inc., USA - Loudspeaker measurements and EASE data generation, headed by Pat Brown.

EASE (China), Hong Kong - Loudspeaker measurements and EASE data generation, headed by Jack (Xing) Sui.

Excelsior Audio, USA - EASE loudspeaker data generation, headed by Charlie Hughes.

Joe Brusi, Spain - EASE loudspeaker data generation.

Daniele Ponteggia, Italy - EASE loudspeaker data generation, contact:

Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee the quality of particular measurements and data sets. But we know that the above companies have established high-quality standards able to provide the accuracy needed by EASE. The services offered also include the creation of EASE data files (XHN, SPK, GLL), directly. We recommend in any case that you be provided with the raw measurement data also, for your own analysis and later processing.

Training Classes

AFMG Technologies GmbH, Germany - EASE, EASERA, SysTune classes by AFMG staff members.

Renkus-Heinz, Inc., CA, USA - EASE, EASERA and SysTune classes by Jim Mobley, Jonas Domkus and others.

Olson Sound Design, MN, USA - EASE, EASERA, SysTune classes by Bruce Olson.

Bob Coffeen, USA - EASE, EASERA, SysTune classes, contact

Scientific Acoustics, Australia - EASE classes by Peter Patrick.

Markus Zehner, Switzerland - Design and tuning of sound reinforcement systems, esp. related to SysTune.

EASE (China), Hong Kong - Entry-Level EASE classes by Jack (Xing) Sui.

Occasionally, our other distribution partners offer training classes as well. See above for contact information.

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for the quality of individual classes or workshops. The above persons or companies have only taught authorized AFMG seminars recently.