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AES Presentation: Software for Loudspeaker Product Design

12/10/14 (09:00 - 10:30)

Stefan Feistel, Managing Director of AFMG Technologies GmbH

The 137th AES Conference will take place in Los Angeles, California from October 9th to 12th this year. AFMG's Stefan Feistel is an invited panelist and will be holding a tutorial on software for loudspeaker and application engineering in the specialized Product Design Track.

This tutorial will give an introduction into the capabilities of modern acoustic modeling and measurement software as it relates to loudspeaker design, marketing, and application support. Focus is put on:

  1. The integration of end-user software with hardware products to create superior user experience, state-of-the-art control features, and high brand recognition.
  2. The use of software during the engineering process in order to develop and refine the final product.
  3. To leverage the synergies of end-user software with engineering design software.

Key areas of the presentation include:

  1. Creating and offering tailored prediction software to support end users in loudspeaker system design and setup.
  2. Establishing sound system and room-acoustic modeling software as tools for product marketing, case studies, and application support.
  3. Implementing cross-platform communication interfaces, e.g. for web access, DSP-based control and monitoring, system EQ, or beam steering.
  4. Acquiring, validating, and publishing 3D high-resolution modeling data for loudspeakers, loudspeaker systems and arrays.
  5. Integrating numerical algorithms for loudspeaker array systems in order to optimize their mechanical configuration as well as their IIR/FIR filter settings.
  6. Using CDPS modeling for feasibility studies and proof of concept investigations.
  7. Analyzing and improving loudspeaker performance parameters by means of advanced modeling and measurement tools.

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