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EASE (China) Opens Measurement Lab

2010-04-28 12:13

Jack SuiHeaded by Xing (Jack) Sui and located in Hong Kong, EASE (China) will now provide loudspeaker measurement services. All measurements are conducted with a high degree of accuracy utilizing an anechoic chamber in Beijing as well as a sophisticated turning robot manufactured by the German company Four Audio and AFMG's professional measurement software EASERA.

The measurement engine has been developed jointly by EASE (China) and AFMG. It is able to provide high-resolution loudspeaker data, with respect to both magnitude and phase and at a high frequency and angular resolution. Regular loudspeaker boxes but also column loudspeakers and line array systems can be measured directly and very precisely.

Measurement data acquired includes directional (balloon) data at angular resolutions of up to 1 degree, as well as data for loudspeaker sensitivity and maximum power.

Using the EASE SpeakerLab software the raw measurement data is then transformed into an EASE GLL data file which describes a loudspeaker or a line array in high resolution including all acoustic, electronic and mechanical data. GLL files can then be used in modeling software applications like EASE, EASE Focus or EASE Address.


Immediately after its opening, the measurement laboratory resumed its work. A set of Beta Three loudspeakers manufactured by the Chinese company Elder Audio is currently being measured. The resulting Loudspeaker data files are verified and then added to the EASE database.

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