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Given the general economic instability and planning uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic as well as worldwide supply chain problems, AFMG recognizes the need of many customers for easier licensing of the EASE Focus, EASE Address, or FIRmaker software solutions. Initial investment costs can be quite high for some companies and make it harder to launch new products especially in a tense market situation. For this reason, AFMG is offering special arrangements for loudspeaker companies and sound system manufacturers in order to support their development and facilitate their investments:



AFMG offers installment payments!

Under this program, interested companies will be able to pay for licensing in installments*.

The large majority of all well-known audio brands is already represented in the EASE Focus and EASE Address sound system design programs because of the unique advantages they offer:

  • Licensing recently developed loudspeakers systems provides an excellent starting point to position products in the market:
    • License line arrays, subwoofers, and compact loudspeakers for EASE Focus.
    • License ceiling loudspeakers for EASE Address.
    • Take advantage of FIRmaker technology for line array systems to maximize coverage, uniformity and SPL output.
  • Licensing well-established loudspeaker systems will trigger renewed promotion and improve their distribution and accessibility.
  • Through the AFMG databases of authorized GLL files, loudspeaker products achieve worldwide visibility and competitiveness.
  • Providing data for EASE Focus and EASE Address simulation software automatically opens the door to larger acoustic design projects with EASE and EASE Evac, unlocking new perspectives and markets.
  • EASE Focus and EASE Address are free for the end user, so they are commonly used by thousands of technicians, installers, and engineers. They have become an industry standard for modeling sound systems with highly accurate simulation results.
  • The GLL Plug-In API allows loudspeaker designers as well as manufacturers to further customize the appearance of their line array data sets and add unique functionalities to the modeling software.
  • Licensing AFMG simulation software is a safe, long-lasting investment as the software has been independently maintained and supported by AFMG for almost 20 years. Licenses need to be acquired only once but can be used for an unlimited period of time.


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*This special offer refers to authorization files for EASE Focus 3 and EASE Address, to AFMG FIRmaker licensing, and to the subscription of the AFMG SDK for GLL Plug-In API. Payments can be arranged in 2 or 4 quarterly installments. The first installment will be due before delivery of the authorization file(s), GLL Plug-In signing, or FIRmaker integration, respectively.