EASE Address Upgrade History

EASE Address  v1.1.221


Bug fix for exporting rooms to EASE 4.


EASE Address  v1.1.220


Minor Update and Bug Fixes

  • The software now supports file associations in order to automatically load a project file (*.ead) upon start-up.
  • Improved memory management.
  • Bug fix for Apple computers with M1 processors.
  • Improvements for author file management.
  • Updated example loudspeaker data.


AFMG SoundFlow Upgrade History

AFMG SoundFlow v1.0.130


  • Added C and Ctr for the bandwidth of 50 Hz to 3150 Hz according to ISO 717-1.
  • The results diagram was not always refreshed correctly, especially for the Phase graph. Now fixed.
  • Bug fix for EASE material export.


AFMG SoundFlow v1.0.12


Several bug fixes, partially related to the calculation of STC.


EASE Evac Upgrade History


EASE Evac v1.1.100


  • Bug fix for occasional graphics problems with top view mapping


EASE Evac v1.1.90


  • Bug fix for creating reports in RTF file format.
  • Bug fix for importing incompatible GLL files.


EASE Evac v1.1.80


EASE SpeakerLab & EASE GLL Viewer Upgrade History

EASE SpeakerLab v1.1.46, EASE GLL Viewer v1.1.46


  • New input signal added: Speech spectrum according to IEC 60268-16:2020 can now be selected in the calculation setup window when running the GLL project.


EASE SpeakerLab v1.1.45, EASE GLL Viewer v1.1.45


  • Bug fix: Website links in GLL now generally supported, including https.


EASE SpeakerLab v1.1.39, EASE GLL Viewer v1.1.39


Various bug fixes for configuring GLL line arrays:

Installation and Licensing EASERA

Any AFMG software installation always consists of three parts that you need to install on your PC: 

1.)    The software installation itself.
2.)    The License Manager, which establishes the contact to our online license server.
3.)    And your “User Files” / “User Certificate” which identifies your individual license.

(In EASERA, License Manager and User Files are one unit called “EASERA Guard”)

Ahnert Feistel Media Group

Located in Berlin, Germany, AFMG® Technologies GmbH has created the industry standards EASE and EASERA software for acoustic simulation and measurement as well as their related products EASE Focus, AFMG SysTune, EASE Address and EASE SpeakerLab.

In cooperation with our partner company SDA Software Design Ahnert GmbH we develop and distribute software for:

Electro-acoustic and
room-acoustic modeling
Electronic and acoustic
Applications in
engineering and physics
RF and infrared

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