How do I add obstacles like columns in a church to my project in EASE Focus?

EASE Focus is a tool limited to the simulation of direct sound from the source to the receiver location. No walls, columns, or other objects can be defined in the software and, thus, are not taken into account in the calculations.

If you would like to include the geometry of the room itself or objects within into your calculations we suggest the use of EASE.

We are a loudspeaker manufacturer. In EASE Focus, what is the difference between a model and a variant?

To be used in EASE Focus 2 and above, a GLL needs to be compiled including a so-called “.author” file. These .author files are encrypted by AFMG explicitly for each loudspeaker model and sent to the manufacturer for GLL creation.

In general, a “model” refers to precisely one configuration of a loudspeaker with exactly one acoustic radiation pattern, the so-called “balloon”. Usually, manufacturers call this a “loudspeaker model” or “loudspeaker type” and give it a unique number within their portfolio.

Must all new floor plans be traced from an imported background file such as a .dxf? Is is possible to import floor plans such as AutoCAD .dwg files directly without tracing?

All floor plan room geometry must be traced from imported drawings or image files using the drawing tools in EASE Evac. The import process does not translate directly to the room geometry.

Supported formats are AutoCAD DXF, Google Sketchup and various image files such as PNG.

I have a GLL I cannot import into EASE Evac, what is the problem?

At the moment, EASE Evac supports typical ceiling loudspeakers and regular point source loudspeakers for wall mounting. Line arrays and steered column speakers are not yet supported.
In order to use loudspeaker data in EASE Evac, you need to have this available as a .GLL file. These files are either already included in the AFMG loudspeaker database for EASE Evac or, in many cases, can be downloaded from the respective manufacturer’s website.

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