I draw my EASE room in SketchUp. If I import it in EASE, I do not see all layer names as proposals for EASE materials. What did I do wrong?

The SketchUp import process uses two possible sources for the EASE material of an EASE face.

  1. If the SketchUp face has a SketchUp material attached, then this is the preferred proposal for the EASE material.
  2. If the SketchUp face has the Default material attached, then the layer name is used as a proposal for the EASE material.


      1. This picture shows a face which has an internal (EASE front) material “Material06”.

      How do I create a new EASE 4.x Project from a Sketchup model?

      The first step is to keep in mind the usual requirements of an EASE 4.x project. Users creating a model in SketchUp should be aware of the conventions adopted by EASE. For instance, the proper orientation of Faces, and the correct application of Two-Fold Faces, among others.

      Here you will find some hints for the construction process in order to successfully import a room into EASE 4.x.

      The following Tutorial-Room can be imported and will pass the Check Data process in EASE 4.x without errors:

      Peek Frequency Response with Probe

      I am really annoyed by the fact that when I am peeking around in the Mapping or Eyes module and use the Probe function to look closer at the frequency response it always switches back to the reflectogram view.

      To solve that, go to Probe Options via F9 or File/Options and select "Previous Graph" under "Default Graph" on the "General" page.

      Colored Outlines and Outline All Faces

      What is the difference between the menu commands Colored Outlines and Outline All Faces?

      Outline All Faces means that the rim of every Face in your Room will be drawn in a specific color.
      If Colored Outlines is switched off the color to be used depends on the settings in the Dye menu, e.g. White Faces will cause white outlines.
      If Colored Outlines is switched on then the colors chosen under Options/Colors/Face Outline will be used

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