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AFMG Releases EASE Focus v3.1 and New GLL Plug-In API

2017-09-28 14:00

EASE Focus v3.1 and the new GLL Plug-In API.

Since the beginning of September a new version of EASE Focus is available for download on our website. 

Besides a few minor improvements and numerous bug fixes throughout the program, version 3.1 also provides the ability to integrate plug-ins using the new GLL Plug-In API.


Through GLL Plug-Ins your preferred loudspeaker manufacturer can provide direct access to the sophisticated features of their line arrays and loudspeakers via EASE Focus.

Plug-Ins created with the GLL Plug-In API can model many product-specific functions and provide additional information or configuration options. It is now possible to incorporate safety calculation routines, that help you to design safe array setups. Besides that plug-ins can implement proprietary aiming algorithms and methods. Packing lists can be generated and system EQ settings can be selected as well as many other extensions can be realized.

More information about the potential features that can be added by your manufacturer through the GLL Plug-In API and implementation details can be found on the GLL Plug-In API website.

To download the latest version of EASE Focus, click here.

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