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AFMG SoundFlow Released!

2011-07-04 14:40

AFMG SoundFlow

AFMG SoundFlow - A new tool for the acoustic design of multi-layer structures

AFMG SoundFlow is a simulation software for calculating the absorption, reflection, and transmission of sound by multi-layer structures. The software enables the modeling of wall, floor and ceiling structures by specifying layer materials and thickness. Various calculation parameters can be defined and the graphic results display the frequency dependent absorption and reflection coefficients as well as the transmission loss, the complex input impedance and other acoustical measures.

The calculation engine of AFMG SoundFlow is an accurate implementation based on the theory of sound absorbers developed by Mechel, Bies and others. Various computational models are available including the calculation according to the ISO 12354 standard. All results can be exported as tables, graphics, complete reports and as EASE material files.

Pricing and Distribution

The basic version of AFMG SoundFlow will be selling at 300 € excl. VAT. It is limited to 4 layers; it cannot export to EASE material files and can only load one structure at a time. SoundFlow Standard has an almost complete feature set. The announced retail price will be 600 € net. SoundFlow Pro adds dedicated text export and input impedance, reflection factor and transmission factor plots. It will be available for 900 € net.

AFMG will handle the worldwide distribution through their website and online store located at:

A trial version and further product information are available at the product website:

German software manufacturer AFMG, renowned for professional solutions simulating room acoustics, just released the first commercial software able to model the reflection, diffusion, and scattering of a sound wave by a defined geometrical structure. AFMG Reflex is available in two versions: the basic version aims at advanced home studio designs, home theater installations and other semi-professional applications. Reflex Standard offers unlimited features for acoustic consultants, architects, and sophisticated users of EASE.

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