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AFMG Software Newsletter
   - Issue 4, April 2009

Welcome to a new issue of the AFMG Software Newsletter. With this newsletter we like to inform you about new products, software updates and interesting downloads related to our software. This newsletter also provides information about upcoming classes and AFMG appearances at conventions and trade shows.

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EASERA SysTune 1.1 Beta cycle launched

EASERA SysTune The upcoming upgrade for EASERA SysTune, AFMG's live sound measurement software, now supports DSP plug-ins. This March the first Beta of SysTune 1.1 was provided to the Beta group.

It includes a set of major additions, such as:

If you would like to join the Beta, you need to:

General information about the software can be found here:

»  EASERA SysTune Website

GLL loudspeaker data format develops into industry standard

The Generic Loudspeaker Library (GLL) data format was developed by AFMG and published spring 2007. Since then the GLL data format has received increasing support from forward-thinking loudspeaker manufacturers, consultants and professional users.

Among several others, the following companies have recently published GLL data for their loudspeakers or announced their support for the format:

Most of the current and all future AFMG software platforms support the GLL data format, such as:

See also:

»  GLL White Paper, GLL Viewer and additional documents

»  125 AES Preprint 7524: Methods and Limitations of Line Source Simulation

In March 2009 the AES standards committee published AES56-2008, the new standard for loudspeaker modeling and measurement. After many years of discussion, finally a modern description format using high-resolution impulse response or complex frequency response data was agreed upon by a group of experts from the industry.

In fact, most of the procedures and sets of information suggested in this new AES Standard are already implemented in the Generic Loudspeaker Library (GLL) data format.

See also:

»  AES56-2008: AES standard on acoustics - Sound source modeling - Loudspeaker polar radiation measurements

Salzbrenner Stagetec Consoles to host EASERA SysTune

EASERA SysTune For the first time, SysTune is available to AURUS customers as a seamless solution integrated into a mixing console.

Any corrections necessary can be made conveniently from the FOH position using the SysTune interface acting on the integrated NEXUS audio network DSPs. Of course, if reference microphones are required, these are connected and their signals forwarded using the NEXUS network. This reduces considerably the lengthy and expensive cabling of live productions.

»  Read more ...

General information about the software can be found here:

»  EASERA SysTune Website

EASE Address version 1.1 released

EASE Address Released March 2009, the major upgrade for AFMG's free design software for distributed loudspeaker systems includes:

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The free download and more information are located here:

»  EASE Address Website

At present, leading manufacturers Tannoy, QSC, Bouyer, Bosch, Electro-Voice, Dynacord and SoundTube Entertainment have licensed EASE Address software from Ahnert Feistel Media Group (AFMG) for the design and optimization of ceiling speaker installations and other distributed systems.

AFMG measurement seminars

SysTune Class Like last year, this spring's series of AFMG measurement workshops in German-speaking countries was received very well.

Instructor Markus Zehner comments: “There is a strong interest of many professionals in the live sound business to further deepen their system tuning knowledge as well as their proficiency with AFMG's leading real-time analysis software SysTune. We have seen a very positive response from the field to the new, 2-day format class with an even stronger focus on the combination of practical measurements and theoretical background.”. Our thanks go to the hosts of TTS Tontechnikschule, TWAudio, dBTechnologies and MediasPro.

Another series of seminars is already planned for this fall. Please contact us for more information: support[AT]afmg.eu.

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EASERA 1.2 (Beta) now supports new ELF measurement robot

SysTune ClassEASERA version 1.2, currently still in Beta, has been expanded to provide full control over the new ELF loudspeaker measurement system from Four Audio. In combination, this fully automated measurement system features:

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Previously, support for the direct control of Outline and LinearX turntables was also integrated in EASERA v1.2, along with other new functions. If you would like to join the Beta, you need to:

General information about the software can be found here:

»  EASERA Website

New EASE Class to be held in Beijing, China

Jack Sui

AFMG's official distributer for China, HongKong-based company EASE (China) Acoustic Design And Consulting Limited, will hold another 3-day EASE class in Beijing, China, this May 25th - 27th. The training will be conducted by Jack (Xing) Sui, the head of EASE (China).

Contact details:

Flat E, 7/F, Tower 10, Park Central, Tseung Kwan O, N.T. HongKong
Tel: 00852 - 68989605
E-mail: ease.china[AT]live.com
Web: http://ease-china.cn

EASE 4.3 is in Beta

Last fall the Beta cycle of EASE 4.3 was started. If you would like to join the Beta, you need to:

See also:

»  EASE 4.3 previewed at 125th AES

EASE Focus Database updated

EASE Focus Recently the following manufacturers joined the ever-growing group of EASE Focus licensees:

The EASE Focus website was updated as well to offer the latest data files for various line array systems.

The free download and more information are located here:

»  EASE Focus Website

Where to meet us

157th Meeting of the ASA, Portland, OR, USA (18 - 22 May 2009)

Infocomm, Orlando, FL, USA (14 - 19 June 2009)

Upcoming classes

Kodo James - EASE Level 1 Training Seminar, May 13 - 15, Kodo James, St. Paul, Minnesota, USA
»  Details

Renkus-Heinz - EASE 4.2 & EASE JR 4.2 Level 1 Training Seminar, May 18 - 20, Foothill Ranch, California, USA
»  Details

EASE (China) - EASE Class, instructor Jack (Xing) Sui, May 25 - 27, Beijing, China
»  Details

Bob Coffeen - System Design Using EASE 4.2 - Level 1, Sun 14th - Mon 15th of June, 8 AM - 5 PM, at Infocomm, Room W312A
»  Details

Bruce Olson - Import and Export of DXF Drawings in EASE 4.2 Level II, Tue 16th of June, 12:30 PM - 04:30 PM, at Infocomm, Room W312A
»  Details

Bruce Olson - Measurement of Rooms and Systems Using EASERA 1.1, Tue 16th of June, 8 AM - 12 PM, at Infocomm, Room W312A
»  Details

Loudspeaker Data in EASE, EASE Focus, EASE SpeakerLab and EASE Address

We often receive questions about how to generate loudspeaker data for EASE or EASE Focus. Please see the following links for more details on this and DLL / GLL data formats as well:

»  Line Array Modeling in EASE 4

»  GLL White Paper, GLL Viewer and additional documents