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AFMG Software Newsletter
   - Issue 8, February 2010

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AFMG's EASE Focus v2 Goes Beta

Focus 2 Beta 1

The Beta cycle of the version 2 upgrade for Focus, AFMG's generic line array aiming software, was launched on the 2nd of February. The new version of Focus includes many major new features, such as:

If you would like to join the Beta, you need to:

General information about the software can be found here:

»  EASE Focus Website

EASE 4.3.8 Released


The second maintenance update for EASE 4.3 was published.

Note that the upgrade to EASE 4.3 is free for all EASE 4.0/4.1/4.2 users. It can be downloaded from the

»  AFMG Download Portal.

General information about the software can be found here:

»  EASE Developer's Website

New SysTune Classes for Europe and US Announced

This spring, instructor Doug Fowler will be running another series of SysTune measurement workshops in Europe and in the US. These two-day entry-level classes will provide an introduction into real-time measurements in live sound applications using EASERA SysTune.

The US-based classes are supported by Renkus-Heinz and AFMG and will be held in:

»  Register Now

Classes in Europe are supported by the Audio Innovation Foundation and AFMG. They will take place in:

»  Details and Registration

College of St. Benedict Raises The Ceiling On Audio Performance

EASE Address

“EASE Address is fast and easy. The initial budget takes half an hour. I just import a plan view of the floor into the program as a bitmap image, enter an average value for ceiling height, then lay speakers on top. As the number or type of speakers is changed, EASE Address displays direct SPL for seated or standing listeners.”

The article "New Heights" published in the October issue of System Contractor News introduced EASE Address as an intuitive and accurate tool for the planning of ceiling loudspeaker systems. Find the online article here.

»  EASE Address Website

SoundTube Publishes Data for EASE Address

EASE Address

The following database updates are now available:

»  EASE Address Website

New EASE Loudspeaker Data


For the EASE simulation software package, the following new data files are now available or have been updated:

»  EASE Developer's Website

Data Updates for EASE Focus


The following companies recently licensed EASE Focus, the industry standard for line array modeling:

The following database updates are now available:

The free software download and more information are located here:

»  EASE Focus Website

Where to Meet Us

Next events and tradeshows:

MediasPro Workshop: STI Measurement and Simulation, Thurnau, Germany, Feb 24 - 25
» Details

ProLight + Sound 2010, Frankfurt, Germany, Mar 23 - 26
» Details

The AFMG calendar lists all trade shows, lectures and events. Find it here:

»  Events

Upcoming Classes

Next classes taught by partner companies:

Renkus-Heinz - EASE Training, Foothill Ranch, CA, Feb 22 - 24
» Details

Renkus-Heinz - SysTune Training with Doug Fowler, Nashville, TN, Feb 23 - 24
» Details

SysTune Measurement Workshop with Doug Fowler, Helsinki, Finland, Apr 6 - 7
» Details

SysTune Measurement Workshop with Doug Fowler, Utrecht, The Netherlands, Apr 13 - 14
» Details

SysTune Measurement Workshop with Doug Fowler, Lavis, Italy, Apr 20 - 21
» Details

Renkus-Heinz - SysTune Training with Doug Fowler, Emeryville, CA, May 4 - 5
» Details

Please also see our calendar located here:

»  Training Classes

Workshops and Training Classes

Please contact us if you would like to:

This applies to any of our products. Please send an email to support[AT]afmg.eu.

AFMG Website Online!

AFMG Website

AFMG's new website http://afmg.eu was launched on the 13th of January.

It will consolidate all AFMG-related information in a single place, including recent news, product information and technical support. Additional product websites are currently being edited and added.

Loudspeaker Data in EASE, EASE Focus, EASE SpeakerLab and EASE Address

We often receive questions about how to generate loudspeaker data for EASE or EASE Focus. Please see the following links for more details on this and DLL / GLL data formats as well:

»  Line Array Modeling in EASE 4

»  GLL White Paper, GLL Viewer and additional documents