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AFMG Newsletter
   - Issue 15, August 2011

Welcome to a new issue of the AFMG Newsletter. With this newsletter we like to inform you about new products, software updates and interesting downloads related to our products. This newsletter also provides information about upcoming classes and AFMG appearances at conventions and trade shows.

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AFMG SoundFlow Released!

SoundFlow Released! With growing demand for improved sound insulation and energy efficiency, multi-layered construction utilizing modern materials has become increasingly critical in building physics and acoustical design.

With SoundFlow, models of these structures can be quickly and intuitively created to instantly deliver accurate and precise predictions of absorption, reflection and transmission.

» Details

Sound Absorption and Transmission Loss Calculator

AFMG SoundFlow provides the following set of important features:

  • Easy entry of layers, by means of their thickness and their acoustic material.
  • Common acoustic quantities such as ALPHAw, NRC, Rw and STC figures.
  • Supports absorption coefficient, reflection coefficient and transmission loss.
  • Display and overlay functions for comparison of results at different frequencies, different angles or of multiple structures.
  • Save absorption coefficients directly as EASE wall materials (MAT).
  • Full support for US Customary units, such as fractional inch.

More information and trial version:

» AFMG SoundFlow Website

EASE Evac Now Available!

EASE Evac Now Available! While development and discussion of NFPA 72 continues on the American continent, in Europe the same is true for EN / IEC 60849.

EASE Evac provides an intuitive tool for designing acoustic mass notification concepts in a room, hall or building complex. The 3D simulation software quickly calculates the distribution of sound pressure levels, the signal-to-noise ratio and - most importantly - speech intelligibility, such as STI and CIS.

» Details

Fast Design of Acoustic Evacuation Systems

EASE Evac features the following functions among many:

  • Easy room entry by importing image, Google Sketchup, AutoCAD DXF files.
  • Ceiling- and wall-mounted sound sources.
  • Direct SPL, Total SPL, SNR, STI, CIS, ALCons.
  • Room acoustic calculations using given RT or acoustic surface materials.
  • Calculation engine based on EASE 4.3 and GLL loudspeaker data.
  • Supported by leading companies from pro-audio and life safety.

More information and trial version:

» EASE Evac Website

Database Update for EASE Focus

Recently the following companies licensed EASE Focus v1 or v2:

  • Audiocenter, China
  • dBTechnologies, Germany
  • STS, Argentina

New data files are available for:

  • FZ, Brazil
  • Maga Engineering, Spain
  • Tecnare Sound Systems, Spain

The free software download and more information are located here:

» EASE Focus Website

New EASE Loudspeaker Data

EASE LogoFor the EASE simulation software package, the following new data files are now available or have been updated:

  • Bosch: Updated GLL loudspeaker database
  • FZ: GLL Update for J08
  • Proso: New GLL loudspeaker models

To download the latest data select "Help / Database Update" in the EASE main window.

» EASE Developer's Website

Upcoming Classes

Next classes taught by AFMG or partner companies:

EASE Training, Chennai area, India, supported by SoundWizard:

  • 3. - 5. October 2011 Level 1 (Entry-Level)
  • 6. - 7. October 2011 Level 2 (Advanced)

» Details and Registration

"Akustische Simulation und Beschallungsplanung mit EASE", by TU Berlin, Germany:

  • 12. - 14. October 2011

» Details and Registration

EASE Training, Lawrence, KS, USA, supported by AFMG:

  • 15. - 17. November 2011 Level 1 (Entry-Level)
  • 18. - 19. November 2011 Level 2 (Advanced)

» Details and Registration

EASE Training, Foothill Ranch, CA, USA, by Renkus-Heinz:

  • 14. - 16. November 2011 Level 1 (Entry-Level)

» Details and Registration

The AFMG calendar lists all trade shows, lectures and events. Find it here:

» Events

Where to Meet Us

Next events and tradeshows:

2011 PLASA, London, UK, 11. - 14. September 2011
» Details

131st AES, New York, NY, USA, 20. - 23. October 2011
» Details

162nd ASA, San Diego, CA, USA, 31. October - 4. November 2011
» Details

The AFMG calendar lists all trade shows, lectures and events. Find it here:

» Events


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