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List View_EoS EASE 4-4

AFMG announces end of support for EASE 4 licenses purchased before March 12, 2018

Technical support as well as maintenance for all EASE 4 licenses purchased before March 12, 2018 will end on September 30, 2025. All users are offered to upgrade to EASE 5 at renewal pricing.

EASE Focus & FIRmaker + Lake Controller.png

Lab.gruppen and AFMG announce extensive FIRmaker integration in Lake v8

As a worldwide first, Lake v8 now supports exchanging entire sound system configurations with AFMG’s EASE Focus line array optimization software. Applying FIRmaker beam-shaping in the field is now easier than ever.

Header Bild XGLC Transfer

EASE 5-FE now supports full data import of sound system configurations

Starting with subversion 54, EASE 5 can handle all possible settings stored in an XGLC loudspeaker configuration file. The import of configurations created in 3rd party loudspeaker and line array software, as well as in EASE Focus, has been added to enable the complete exchange of sound system setups and their use for complex acoustic simulations in 3D models.

List View Immersive

EASE 5-FE supports planning of immersive sound installations

With the latest version of EASE 5-FE, AFMG released innovative features that support the planning of sound system installations for immersive sound and spatial audio.

Instruments GLLs in EASE 5-FE - Teaser 2

Technische Universität Berlin and AFMG publish high-resolution EASE GLL data for 22 musical instruments

Based on a large measurement series and state-of-the-art digital signal processing, the Audio Communication Group at TU Berlin has completed a high-resolution database for a selection of the most popular acoustic musical instruments. These are now publicly available as GLL data files for use in EASE 5 First Edition.