Acoustic Modelling – Basics


Chapter "Acoustic Modelling – Basics": Stefan Feistel, Wolfgang Ahnert; in "Sound Reinforcement for Audio Engineers"; Editors: Wolfgang Ahnert, Dirk Noy; CRC Press, 2022; DOI:10.4324/9781003220268-8; ISBN/EAN: 9781000627091


Book description:

Sound Reinforcement for Audio Engineers illustrates the current state of the art in sound reinforcement.

Beginning with an outline of various fields of applications, from sports venues to religious venues, corporate environments and cinemas, this book is split into 11 chapters covering room acoustics, loudspeakers, microphones and acoustic modelling among many other topics.

This comprehensive book packed with references and a historical overview of sound reinforcement design is an essential reference book for students of acoustics and electrical engineering, but also for engineers looking to expand their knowledge of designing sound reinforcement systems.

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