AFMG Reflex

AFMG Reflex - A Tool for the Design and Application of Diffusers


AFMG Reflex is a two-dimensional acoustics simulation software to model the reflection, diffusion, and scattering of a sound wave incident upon a defined geometrical structure.

Within AFMG Reflex the shape of the reflective surface is entered as a two-dimensional cross-section. The simulation method is based on the Boundary Element Method (BEM) to calculate the reflection, diffusion, and scattering properties of the surface. The reflective properties are displayed as a polar response graph for any angle of incidence and frequency of a sound wave. The scattering and diffusion coefficients are displayed as frequency response graphs.

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Model Input and Editing


Room Outline View

Easy and quick geometry entry

The geometry of the diffuser or structured surface can be quickly entered by adding and modifying rectangular, triangular, sinusoidal and circular elementary shapes

Numerous element editing functions, such as copy & and paste, duplicate, flip and drag & drop are available

The Room Outline View allows you to estimate the incidence angle of the sound coming from sound sources in a room.



Simultaneous examination of several diffuser models

Reflex allows provides you several analysis tools for the evaluation of one or more diffuser models, such as:

  • Spatial response plot for investigation of the reflected and scattered sound wave as a function of the angle of incidence and reflection.
  • Overlay functions for comparison of results at multiple frequencies, multiple angles or of multiple models.
  • Coefficients plot with scattering coefficient, diffusion coefficient and normalized diffusion coefficient. Data smoothing functions.


Comparison of Two Models
Comparison of Two Models
Comparison of Frequencies
Comparison of Angles
Results Output

Export results to an editable and printable format, such as RTF and PDF, as well as to various bitmap formats, such as BMP and PNG.

In addition, scattering coefficients can be saved directly as EASE wall materials (MAT).

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