AFMG FIRmaker®

FIRmaker - Put Your Sound Where It Belongs!


AFMG FIRmaker® is the revolutionary sound optimization tool by AFMG building the bridge to next-generation sound systems. Loudspeaker manufacturers can employ FIRmaker to give their customers the option of tuning DSP-based FIR filters for every possible venue configuration within seconds.


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Technically speaking, FIRmaker represents a highly sophisticated optimization algorithm that is designed for computing optimal FIR coefficients in order to tailor a loudspeaker array's coverage to the exact audience area within a venue. Based on input data describing location geometry and sound sources, AFMG FIRmaker computes optimal filter transfer functions for driving each of the sound sources. These transfer functions can then be automatically converted into FIR filters.

    AFMG FIRmaker provides:

    • Revolutionary sound system coverage and SPL
    • Optimized listening experience in all seats
    • Easy on-site tuning within minutes

    ...with any loudspeaker array, existing or new!

    Any loudspeaker company interested in providing innovative steering solutions to its customers can license FIRmaker.


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    FIRmaker Technology (patented)

    Currently, FIRmaker, as stated above, is a technology and not available as a stand-alone software. We sell FIRmaker to loudspeaker manufacturers who can either integrate the technology into their own software or make use of our EASE Focus simulation software with FIRmaker integration to optimize their systems.

    As an end user you would need to rely on your preferred manufacturer to offer the technology for their systems. At the moment we have over a dozen manufacturers who have already licensed FIRmaker. Most of them are still within the development cycle for new systems that will employ the technology, however.

    We recommend to contact the R&D department of your manufacturer to inquire about FIRmaker with them. They will be able to tell you if they plan to release systems that make use of FIRmaker and when approximately this can be expected.

    FIRmaker as "Plug-In" Technology for EASE Focus

    Currently, we have implemented FIRmaker as a “plug-in” technology within our free EASE Focus 3 software. Those manufacturers that have enabled certain systems for FIRmaker optimization will appear in the software with an additional button labeled “Compute FIR Preset” (See screenshots below). The user can then set certain parameters to define the quality criteria for optimization depending on their demand and start the iterative process. Usually, one calculation takes only a couple of seconds. Afterwards, EASE Focus will immediately re-calculate the optimized results for the user to compare and evaluate.

    Our FIRmaker licensing model allows manufacturers to explicitly control which of your users shall be allowed to export the FIR filter to other devices.

    Support for other AFMG simulation products will be added in the future.
    Detailed information about the technology is provided in the FIRmaker Resources.

    FIRmaker as  Plug-In for EASE Focus


    FIRmaker Integration with FIR-capable DSPs

    FIR filters generated by FIRmaker’s optimization engine can be transferred to third-party DSP software effortlessly.

    At any time DSP manufacturers can enhance the integration of their DSPs with FIRmaker by supporting direct communication and transfer of FIR filters to their DSP control software. Manufacturers can find more information here: How can DSP/amplifier manufacturers enhance the integration of their DSPs with FIRmaker?

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