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Listview Image EASE 5 at InfoComm 2024

AFMG presents rapidly expanding EASE 5 feature set at InfoComm 2024

The rapid pace of EASE's ongoing development packs our program for the forthcoming InfoComm 2024 in June once again full of unique new features. Our booth will be represented by AFMG's Managing Director, Stefan Feistel, and our North American experts, Bruce C. Olson and Ana M. Jaramillo.

DAS Audio adopts FIRmaker licensing model

DAS Audio adopts the new AFMG FIRmaker’s licensing model, offering premium beam-shaping and optimization technology at no extra cost

AFMG's FIRmaker, the cutting-edge beam-shaping technology, is now freely available to all DAS Audio users, eliminating additional licensing fees for their DASaim platform. Thanks to DAS Audio adoption of FIRmaker’s new licensing model, their users can now access precise pattern control and beam steering capabilities, ensuring optimal listening experiences across various applications and types of sound systems.

Ease 5 and ArrayCalc Integration

d&b audiotechnik introduces ArrayCalc 11.6, streamlining integration into AFMG’s EASE 5 for seamless acoustic planning

d&b audiotechnik has released ArrayCalc 11.6. This latest version offers a significantly simplified interface function in conjunction with EASE 5, providing users with a more efficient workflow for modelling sound systems and room acoustics.

Dima Vavilov Introduction in the Customer Success Team AFMG

AFMG strengthens customer success team as of April 2nd

We are glad to announce the addition of Dima Vavilov to AFMG’s Customer Success team.

Holoplot and EASE announcement

HOLOPLOT and AFMG push the boundaries with high-performance implementation of X1 and X2 Matrix Array products in EASE 5

The support for cluster-type GLL files recently released in EASE 5.59 bridges the gap for applying HOLOPLOT’s X1 and X2 products. The latest EASE updates also improve the data flow between HOLOPLOT Plan software and EASE 5.