Trademark guidelines of AFMG Technologies GmbH


I. Preamble

The trademarks listed below and the logo of AFMG Technologies GmbH (hereinafter “AFMG”) may only be used by AFMG's official partners and customers and only for the purposes permitted by AFMG. AFMG's trademarks are usually used within the specific context of product packaging, documentation and promotional materials. However, the specifically permitted use may differ from partner to partner. Set out below are our trademark guidelines which determine the manner in which our trademarks may be used.


II. General information regarding use

Our trademarks are registered trademarks. They may only be used to refer to our products and services. They may not be used to describe audio software in general. Likewise, products or services offered by other providers are not permitted to refer to our trademarks. If you refer to our company, please use the full name (AFMG Technologies GmbH).    


III. Modifications and changes to the trademarks or the logo

Do not make any changes or modifications to our trademarks or our logo. In particular, it is not permitted to change the spelling of the trademarks (e.g. by inserting hyphens or separating the trademark into two words).


IV. Use of the ® symbol

AFMG's trademarks may only be used together with the ® symbol (superscript “(R)”). This applies to all types of use, e.g. labels, packaging, promotional brochures, data sheets and press releases. If you cannot use the ® symbol for technical reasons, a suitable replacement (e.g. EASE (R) instead of EASE®) shall suffice. The name of the product or the service which is to be identified by the trademark is to be indicated immediately after the trademark, e.g. EASE® Speaker Lab or EASE® Evac.

In addition, depending on your use-case, you must always additionally indicate one of the following:

  • “EASE®, FIRmaker® and AFMG® are registered trademarks of AFMG Technologies GmbH.”
  • “EASE® is a registered trademark of AFMG Technologies GmbH.”
  • “FIRmaker® is a registered trademark of AFMG Technologies GmbH.”
  • “AFMG® is a registered trademark of AFMG Technologies GmbH.”


V. Abusive conduct

Partners are not permitted to use our logo or our trademarks for their own products or services. In addition, partners are not permitted to establish rights to our company name or our trademarks. In particular, the partner shall refrain from the following conduct:

  • Registering trademarks containing the name of our company or our trademarks,
  • Registering company names containing the name of our company or our trademarks,
  • Registering domains containing the name of our company or our trademarks.


VI. Final provisions

AFMG reserves the right to change these guidelines at any time. In addition, AFMG reserves the right to initiate legal action against any use which does not meet the requirements of these guidelines.

Overview of trademarks:

German trademarks: 302009015147
Word: AFMG
Word: EASE
IR trademark 1021241
Word: AFMG
Word: EASE
Chinese trademark 4720854 Word: EASERA
US trademark 85-918,480  Word: FIRmaker


If you have any questions regarding the use of our trademarks or our logo, please contact us.

Please find a German version of the trademark guidenlines here.

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