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AFMG SysTune - Professional Audio Measurement


Based on AFMG's patented RTD algorithm SysTune is the only audio measurement software capable of measuring and processing full-length impulse responses in real time. Since the impulse response contains all data describing the system's and the room's acoustical behavior, a full-length impulse response is immanent for reliable measurements providing valid data.

Next to the sole quality of the measurements performed SysTune offers a large set of unique features to make a technician's life easy and speed up the work. All assets taken together, SysTune can surely be called the most progressive and professional audio measurement tool available. It offers:

  • Patented RTD algorithm for real time measurement of full-length impulse responses
  • Virtual EQ to simulate effects of tuning without the need for ongoing measurements or influencing the live signal
  • Unique Delay Analysis module for fast and precise optimization of loudspeaker delay times
  • Universal Web Interface for remote control of measurements from smartphones and tablets
  • Integration with DSPs, controllers and other hardware like Lake Controllers and many others
  • Unmatched noise immunity thanks to the patented SSA filter
  • Numerous further functions for better windowing and higher bass resolution

SysTune is the proven real-time audio analysis software by AFMG®. It was developed especially for live sound applications and for years has been setting the standard for professional real-time measurement and display of impulse responses, transfer functions and other data. Today, SysTune is widely accepted not only in pro-audio live sound but also by installed sound professionals as well as in the industry.

AFMG has invested a great amount of time and effort into research and development of new approaches to audio analysis and highest-class algorithms, with the result of several patents granted for SysTune alone. Since SysTune performs these calculations with any measurement signal, even live audio, sophisticated data becomes available for situations which have been limited to investigation before: rooms with live shows and present audiences.

Due to its eight channels, SysTune additionally can perform multiple simultaneous measurements for example at different locations, providing high-quality data in abundance.

Version & Prices


8 channels with sampling rates from 8 kHz - 192 kHz

SysTune can perform measurements and all calculations on up to 8 channels simultaneously

SysTune Pro also offers a matrix to freely assign up to 32 channels for measurement. Every possible sample rate up to 192 kHz is supported by SysTune.

Rapid real-time measurements in both time and frequency domain

Due to its dedicated, highly performant algorithms, SysTune uses your computer´s power very effectively and can be used on older machines flawlessly

Of course, modern CPUs with several kernels and multi-threading are supported too.

Systune Overview
"Real-Time Deconvolution RTD" (patented)


Transfer Function Measurements (System Color Scheme)

Real-Time Deconvolution (RTD) Technology

AFMG has put severals years of research and development into the patented Real-Time Deconvolution processing of full-length room impulse responses. SysTune, thus, is the only Software providing real-time processing and evaluation at such a high level.

Measurements with live sound signals, pink noise, sweeps or user defined signals with adjustable gain

Nearly every possible signal can be used for measurements by SysTune

Starting with built-in noise and sweeps, over user-specified signals all the way to live sound from CD or the artists on stage, SysTune´s dual-channel FFT measurements provide you with all the options.

Integrated, specialized signal generator

In order to optimize the stimulus used for measurement to the FFT-size (i.e. length of the measurement-cycle), SysTune comes with a tailor-made signal generator.

Impulse responses, phase responses, transfer functions, group delay


TF Magnitude and Phase (Black Color Scheme)

Of course, SysTune can perform all the typical measurements in real-time.

For configuration and analysis, it provides an extensive set of options far beyond all regular expectations.

SPL, LEQ and NC, histograms

Further to normal measurements, SysTune´s calibration features open up an additional, broad field of possible applications.

Averaging of measurements

Averaging of channels is available at a simple click and is performed, of course, in real-time.

Calibrate to sound pressure level, voltage or current, allowing for impedance measurements

Needless to say, each input channel can be calibrated individually, no matter if you are looking at sound pressure levels, voltages or currents. SysTune masters all the formats and, hence, can be used for impedance measurements, too. Loudspeaker designers really like this in combination with SysTune´s Advanced Virtual EQ.

Real-time calculation of RT and STI (IEC 60268-16, R2003)

Another exclusive feature of SysTune is real-time calculation of reverberation time and speech intelligibility (STI) in large rooms

Since SysTune can use live music to perform these complex calculations, it is the only software capable of delivering precise results for these room acoustical parameters in large, audience-filled halls. - A true advantage!

RT and STI (Black Colors Scheme)
Reverberation Time Measurement (Black Color Scheme)
Extremely enhanced signal-to-noise ratio by the unique "SSA-Filter" (patented)

To bring significant improvements to your noise immunity, AFMG has developed the SSA-Filters (patented)

These sophisticated filters analyze the spectral behavior of your signal and limit your measurement to relevant data. Sounds like truss-hammering, for example, can be excluded automatically!

Spectrally Selective Accumulation Filter (Black Color Scheme)
Helpful permanent display of coherence and IR stability

Technicians who often work in complicated acoustical settings appreciate the constant update not only on the coherence but also on IR stability of their measurement. This allows them to judge the quality of the measurement at any time and helps to avoid decisions made based on bad measurements.

Singular "Time-Frequency-Constant TFC" window (patented)


TFC Window being applyed (Black Color Scheme)

Next to an extensive variety of common window types, SysTune offers the singular, patented TFC window

This unique algorithm by AFMG allows windowing on a frequency-dependant basis. This way, you will achieve both a high resolution in your low frequencies as well as an adequate exclusion of late reflections and disturbances in the high range, resulting in a never-seen-before quality of results across the complete frequency band.

Real-time spectrogram


Acoustical Feedback Detection with Spectrogram (Black Color Scheme)

Accurate, configurable real-time spectrogram

A spectrogram isn´t always a spectrogram. In order to adapt the display to your needs in a current situation, it is important to be able to adjust a range of settings to your demands. SysTune will probably fulfill all your wishes here.

Logging of SPL, LEQ etc. according to user-selectable international regulations

SysTune offers a selection of country-specific health regulations to chose from

Health regulations have become an increasingly observed topic in the past years. Since this has been the case in many countries around the globe, SysTune offers a selection of country-specific regulations to chose from. You may even enter local requirements on your own.

Additionally, SysTune can write multiple, configurable logs at once, being a great help for later evaluation especially with critical officials.

Level Monitors and History (Black Color Scheme)
Health Regulations Compliance Monitor (Black Color Scheme)
Matchless "Web-Interface" for smartphones & tablets
Web Interface in a browser

iOS? Android? Windows-Phone? Blackberry? SysTune´s Web-Interface works with them all!

The unique, browser-based Web-Interface of SysTune allows you to remote control measurements through a WiFi connection. You can walk around the hall with a microphone in one hand and your smartphone in the other.

All it needs is an up-to-date browser supporting SVG graphics. SysTune sends live updates of current measurement data to your device and stores all captured measurements for evalution once you are back at your computer. - A huge time-saver!

Simulation of EQ settings with "Virtual EQ"

SysTune´s Virtual EQ simulates the effect that any possible EQ setting would have on a set of stored measurements

System tuning can be a time-consuming thing - and it is distracting to others when accompanied by long periods of measurements. SysTune´s Virtual EQ offers a great solution here. Simply simulate the effect any possible EQ setting would have on a set of stored measurements. Then make the ideal setting once, without having annoyed anybody else.

This is also an ideal tool to determine adjustments to your settings during a conference, show, etc. Nobody will notice you are fiddling around with the EQ, but suddenly the system will sound better! Advanced Virtual EQ, on top of that, offers virtually any possible option IIR or FIR filters could have. A gigantic potential for loudspeaker designers and DSP fanatics!

Virtual Equalizer (Black Color Scheme)
Virtual Equalizer (Black Color Scheme)
Novel "Delay-Analysis" for quick, well-founded determination of system delay times

Automatically calculate the optimal delay setting for both maximum level and maximally flat system response

Delay settings and the question of phase for sure are one of the most discussed topics among system technicians. AFMG now puts 30 years of experience in acoustical simulation into service of its audio measurement tool: SysTune uses a set of stored measurements to automatically calculate the optimal delay setting for both maximum level and maximally flat system response.

Along with that it provides a sound information on polarity and calculates the predicted overall frequency response of your system. This will not only help professional technicians save up to 70% of time during setup, it will also take most of the guess-work fom the process!

Delay Analysis Module (Black Color Scheme)
Differential display of transfer functions and impulse responses

SysTune´s Normalization PlugIn gives you the option to normalize measurements to a reference curve, thus showing the deviations only

Next to compensating for known minor bugs of a microphone, many useful applications come to mind: comparing measurements taken at different locations, optimizing for a target response, or balancing distortions due to long distances e.g.

Open plug-in API for control of third-party DSPs, audio networks etc. from within SysTune

SysTune has been offering an open API for third-party hardware plugins (so-called analyzer bridges) for quite some time. Many manufacturers already support this with their DSPs, audio networks etc.

Integration with Lab.gruppen Lake Controller software

Control the most important measurement functions from inside the Lake Controller

If the Lake Controller is running on your system SysTune will establish a communication channel that allows controlling the most important measurement functions from inside the Lake Controller. SysTune sends the pre-calculated measurement results back to the Lake Controller which can be thought of as a third display window of SysTune.

Spectrum displayed in Lake Controller
Transfer Function displayed in Lake Controller
Import/Export Virtual EQ settings from/to d&b R1 controller software

The Virtual EQ settings found within SysTune can be saved directly to files in .RCP format. Importing them into the d[&]b R1 software allows easy configuration of the DSP with these filters.

Intuitive, detailed analysis of measurement data

One of the most prominent aspects of SysTune is its sophisticated usability, offering a large set of keyboard shortcuts and special mouse functions. Most ´handy´, for example, is the feature of using the mouse to click and measure exact time differences or levels on the measured curves.

Storing, exporting and offline-investigation of data

Needless to say, SysTune offers everything necessary to store your data, export it and even analyze it offline

Exchanging data with other programs is also possible. An additional benefit arises from the fact that this is also true for all settings of the program itself. SysTune can be configured to start up in as many different configurations as you wish.

"White-" and "Black Mode" for office/lab and live sound

Small things can make the difference. The different looks of SysTune make work in different situations easy.

Support of almost all common audio interfaces and drivers

SysTune supports basically all current audio interfaces and drivers: Windows Direct Sound, Wave/MME, ASIO.

Operation in virtual machines e.g. "Parallels", "VM-Ware" etc.

Scientific software requires a lot of development efforts. AFMG likes to focus these on well-engineered features before implementing adaptations to different operating systems. As software developers we are used to work in virtual machines, making it logical that SysTune also works fine in Parallels, VM-Ware etc.

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