AFMG Services North America, LLC

About the Company

Headed by President and Founder Bruce C. Olson, the AFMG NA team includes Ana Jaramillo and Bruce C. Olson. Mr. Olson is known as an active member of the acoustics and pro-audio community for many years. Taking on responsible positions within the AES and ASA, he is always in touch with the newest developments and has provided countless AFMG software trainings for acoustic consultants, manufacturers, and audio contractors. Bruce’s invaluable knowledge and over 20 years of involvement with AFMG make him the number-one expert for AFMG programs on the American continent.

Bruce C. Olson

In the Minnesota office, Bruce is supported by Ana Maria Jaramillo. Ana has graduated from Virginia Tech with a PhD in architectural acoustics in 2013 before she joined AFMG. Her broad teaching experience as a professor at two universities in her native Colombia and her focus on room acoustics make Ana the ideal expansion to the team that, so far, was dominated by an electro-acoustic background. Ana’s communication skills, fluent English and Spanish, and her organizational talent make her the preferred contact for customers both in North and South America.

Ana Jaramillo

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