AFMG SysTune & SysTune Plug-In API Upgrade History



SDK for SysTune Plug-In API v2.2


  • New SDK version for SysTune Plug-In API now supports 64-bit clients / plug-ins.
  • Updated code samples and dependencies.


AFMG SysTune  v1.3.7


Solved issues occurring with licensing under rare configurations of Microsoft Windows 8.1


AFMG SysTune  v1.3.6


Improvements to how SysTune handles windowing on cyclic FFT signals.
The Option setting “Always except when using internal signal generator” for FFT windowing is now applied when the internal signal (sweep, pink noise) is used and “Play Signal” is active. The setting for the reference channel is not considered anymore.


AFMG SysTune  v1.3.5


  • Trial version status is now shown correctly within the software.
  • Several updated graphic elements (artwork).


AFMG SysTune  v1.3.4


Major Update

  • Lab.gruppen Lake Controller plug-in for real-time measurements from within the DSP software
  • Plug-in for exporting to and importing from d&b R1 controller
  • Compatibility update for Web Interface, e.g. for iOS6
  • Web Interface now supports choosing between multiple networks on the same computer
  • Enhancements to handling of custom excitation signals
  • Compatibility update for some audio drivers, e.g. Presonus and Focusrite
  • Several bugfixes and cosmetic improvements


AFMG SysTune  v1.2.6


Major Update

  • Delay Analysis module for instant calculation of optimum delays for aligning loudspeakers in time
  • Web Interface for remote control of measurements from smartphones and tablets
  • Integration with AUBION X.8 soundcard
  • Improved windowing functions and controls
  • Refined display of graphs and curves
  • Expanded data export
  • Much more...
New Pro version features:
  • Normalization plug-in allows using overlays directly from within the software
  • Custom frequency ranges for Delay Analysis
  • Extended file formats for offline audio analysis
  • Enhancements to handling of custom excitation signals
  • Compatibility update for some audio drivers, e.g. Presonus and Focusrite
  • Several bugfixes and cosmetic improvements


AFMG SysTune  v1.1.6


Major Update

  • DSP plug-in interface, supported by major manufacturers such as Renkus-Heinz, Electro-Voice, Linea Research, Tannoy, Turbosound, Outline, FZ Audio, Salzbrenner Stagetec, Harvey Audio and others
  • Virtual Equalizer for simulating the effect of a parametric EQ on any measurement, available in real-time and off-line for stored measurements
  • Spectrally Selective Accumulation - SSA™ noise rejection filter for better results when using speech or music signals
  • Support for national health regulations regarding exposure of human hearing system to SPL, LEQ and peak levels
  • Group delay display
  • Extended graph and formatting options
  • Synchronisation function for frequency and time axis in dual graphs
  • Much more...

New Pro version features:

  • STI according to IEC 60268-16 (R 2003)
  • Impedance measurements
  • Simple harmonics displays
  • Noise criteria RC, PNC, NR
  • Expanded functions for Virtual EQ
  • Capability to include reference and compensation curves
  • Channel mapping for using any selection and order of input channels of a soundcard
  • Playback analysis of previously recorded raw data, infinitely repeatable measurements for optimizing results in difficult environments
  • Modification of graph and curve properties
  • Much more...


AFMG SysTune  v1.0.4


  • Overlays save their colors too, and set it when loaded; setting colorscheme from top menu resets all overlay colors
  • Added Default button in Options/IR Window
  • Switch to Cursors panel when first cursor placed
  • Added date, username, software name, version, input device to saved audio files
  • Signal description label revised, shows signal length in secs, not number of samples

Important Bugfixes:

  • Fixed SPL peak when changing FFT size
  • Start/stop/play shortcut keys work even if Measure panel not visible
  • Fixed Peak-To-Delay when Delay box has non-msec unit
  • Fixed bug when loading overlay named "current measurement"
  • Fixed 1-sample delay offset for ASIO
  • Initial window position checked against all available screens, center screen if not in any
  • Fixed crash if no audio device available (DirectSound default), should open file menu instead
  • Peak hold reset when switch graph Y unit
  • Cursors placed on exact min/max of tracked curve , not first curve
  • Removed dependency on SIMD Extensions
  • 16bit depth for saved WAVE files
  • Bitmap generation error fixed for remote desktop operation (checking control size)
  • Peak hold reset when calibration changed


AFMG SysTune  v1.0.4


Applies to:
AFMG SysTune