Can I use the same GLL loudspeaker file in all AFMG modeling programs?

Not all GLL files are the same. Some AFMG® programs have specific requirements for a GLL in order that the program is permitted to use the GLL.


1. GLL Types

The chart below summarizes what types of GLLs can be used in each AFMG program.

    GLL Type  
  Loudspeaker Cluster Line Array GLL with DLL Extension
EASE 5   1
EASE 4   1
EASE Focus   1
EASE Evac   2
EASE Address   2

1 There are various loudspeaker models that ship as a GLL with a DLL. The DLL is used to extend the GLLs capabilities and e.g. provides a custom user interface. These functions are typically used for beam-steering products. Most but not all GLL+DLL packages can be used in both programs, EASE as well as EASE Focus.

2 For a GLL to be able to be used in either EASE Evac or EASE Address the Rated Coverage Angle property must have a value greater than zero entered. If this value is zero for a GLL, the GLL cannot be imported into either the EASE Evac or the EASE Address databases.


2. Authorization Requirements

The chart below summarizes what type of authorization files are needed by the manufacturer for a GLL to be used in each AFMG program.

    Authorization Type  
  Optional No Cost Paid Fee
EASE GLL Viewer    
EASE 4 & EASE 5   1   2  
EASE Evac    1   2  
EASE Focus       3
EASE Address       3

1 A GLL can be used without an authorization file but it will be shown as not authorized.

2 A manufacturer authorization file can be requested at no cost to the manufacturer. This authorization file can be included in the GLL project. When compiled, the GLL will show as “Authorized Data” when the GLL is used in EASE or EASE Evac.

3 To enable GLLs to work in EASE Focus and EASE Address the manufacturer is required to pay a license fee. The cost is based on the number of different loudspeakers (i.e. Box Types) that are desired to be used in each of these programs. Nonetheless, the program is free for the end user. For additional information on cost please see the links below.

EASE Address Prices

EASE Focus Prices

Applies to:
EASE Address
EASE Focus