EASE 4 Upgrade History


EASE v4.4.74


Minor bug fixes in Probe module and Area Mapping


EASE v4.4.73


Minor upgrade and bug fixes

  • EASE Probe: Improved resizing behavior for main window when there are many pulses.
  • Minor bug fixes.


EASE v4.4.72


Minor upgrade and bug fixes

  • Improved memory management for AURA v4 Response on 64-bit operating systems.
  • Improvements for estimated disk space required by AURA Mapping.
  • Bug fix for Apple computers with M1 processor.
  • Bug fix: Https website links in GLLs now supported.


EASE v4.4.70


Various bug fixes for configuring GLL line arrays:

  • Available box counts now always work and are not rejected.
  • Available box counts now correctly consider GLL minimum and maximum limits as well as available connections between box types.
  • All array configurations are now accessible, also when the connection logic is complicated.
  • Splay angles are correctly updated after a box type change.
  • Frames without valid configuration cannot be accessed anymore.
  • Default configurations improved and made more consistent


EASE v4.4.69

16.12 2020
  • Software update for STI calculations according to IEC 60268-16 edition 5.0 (2020).
  • Improved mouse modes in Room Mapping (Eyes) module: Pick, Peek, Drag, Center, and Turn are now more consistent.


EASE v4.4.67


  • AURA 4 Mapping: Fix for rare bug when using 64-bit, multi-threading and SPK-based loudspeakers


EASE v4.4.61


  • Improved estimate of the reverberant field level for Standard Mapping calculations


EASE v4.4.60


This version contains major improvements for the AURA module. The new version AURA 4 is a paid upgrade and includes the following features:

  • RAM limit lifted for AURA mappings: AURA 4 will use all of the available RAM.
  • Faster AURA calculations: Simulation runs will be on average 2-3 times faster.
  • RAM limit lifted for AURA auralization results: Binaural impulse responses (BIR) and B-format result files can now be computed using all of the physically available RAM.
  • More flexible selection of result file formats: Detailed response files (RSP) can be computed separately from auralization results.
  • New S-curve for default scattering: The newly introduced setting has 10% scattering below 500 Hz and 40% above 2 kHz providing for more realistic results when no scattering coefficient data is available.
  • Easy selection of loudspeaker groups for recombination.

Note: RAM and performance improvements only apply to 64-bit Windows operating systems.

Other changes:

  • Support for complex 1/24th octave filters - for GLL-based loudspeakers, line arrays and clusters
  • Minor bug fixes

EASE v4.4.22


  • EASE Guard license management improved with respect to downloading licenses.


EASE v4.4.19


  • Installer improved with respect to configuring access rights for EASE working folders.


EASE v4.4.18


  • Improved program-only installer:
    - This small-size installer can be used without having performed a full install at some point beforehand.
    - The very large database of speaker models can be downloaded separately and selectively.
  • Major revision of Database Updater:
    - Abort and resume functions added.
    - Estimate for download time is provided.
    - Several bug fixes.
  • Cleaning Wizard - new advanced functions:
    - Correct access rights for EASE folders.
    - Delete EASE settings from the Windows Virtual Store.
  • Import and Export of DXF and SKP files:
    - Input signal type after importing models is now standard pink noise.
    - Various small bug fixes.


EASE v4.4.17


  • Bug fix for SPL calculations using narrow-band loudspeakers with narrow-band filters.
  • Line array case drawings are now correctly exported to AutoDesk DXF and Trimble Sketchup files.
  • Updated End User License Agreement (dated March 12, 2018).
  • Minor bug fixes.


EASE v4.4.16


  • Bug fix for coat faces in room editor.
  • Minor improvements for EASE Guard online licensing functions.


EASE v4.4.15


  • Several important bug fixes.
  • EASE Cleaning Wizard is now available in the Start menu.
  • The type of calculation is now displayed along with mapping results in the main window via the mapping parameters and in the distribution graph.


EASE v4.4.13


  • Various minor bug fixes.
  • EASE Cleaning Wizard can now be found in EASE Tools subfolder.


EASE v4.4.12


  • Project files, database files, as well as result files can now include points in the file name.
  • Standardized communication interface for loudspeaker DLL+GLL files used in EASE and EASE Focus.
  • Room Editor: Significant performance enhancements when editing projects with many loudspeakers.
  • Several minor bug fixes.


EASE v4.4.11


  • Improvements to EASE's handling of network drives in company networks.
  • Probe: New Share functions for sharing 3D angles of Hedgehog display.
  • Probe: New Share function for sharing the selected pulse.
  • Room Editor: Better selection of box types for line array GLLs.
  • Room Editor: Performance improvements.
  • Mapping: Performance improvements.
  • Various bugfixes in several modules.


EASE v4.4.8


  • Improvements to EASE Database Updater*
  • Fixed several bugs in statistics calculations in Room Mapping and Area Mapping
  • Minor bugfixes in DXF/SKP Data Exchange

*Program versions before EASE v4.4.8 will not be able to access the Database Update anymore. When trying to run the Database Updater users of these program versions will be notified that they should upgrade their EASE installation. (The update to EASE 4.4.8 is free of charge for all EASE 4 users.)


EASE v4.4.6


Fixed error in status report generation.


EASE v4.4.5


This update is a major update.


  • Expanded import/export compatibility with Trimble SketchUp, Autodesk AutoCAD and other, DXF-compatible CAD programs
  • STI calculations are now performed according to IEC 60268-16:2011
  • Various improvements to evaluation of mappings, standard deviation display added
  • AURA
    • Computations of large projects are performed approximately twice as fast
    • Output of locally calculated impulse responses in Ambisonics B-format
  • InfraRed
    • Complete revision of IR radiator database,
    • New IR Receiver database program
    • 3.3 and 3.8 MHz broadband channels added
  • Numerous minor improvements and bugfixes


EASE v4.3.9


This update is a minor update.

  • Significant performance improvements for calculations with GLLs consisting of loudspeaker boxes with multiple sources, especially for column loudspeakers. This may be faster up to a factor of 20 in AURA.
  • For column GLL files, the new version may show very small deviations compared to results of v4.3.8. Differences can be larger close to interference extrema, particularly at frequencies of sound pressure cancellation.
  • Internal preparations for AURA-Remote calculation service.
  • Minor bugfixes related to AURA as well as to DLL/GLL handling.


EASE v4.3.8


This update is a minor update.

  • Additional bugfixes for spurious crashes on a few XP Pro and Vista PCs with differing symptoms but always related to error in ntdll.dll


EASE v4.3.7


This update is a minor update.

  • Bugfix for spurious crashes on a few XP Pro and Vista PCs with differing symptoms but always related to error in ntdll.dll
  • Several bugfixes in SKP/DXF import/export
  • Bugfix regarding import of .xwm material text files
  • Bugfix regarding versions of .exn noise text files


EASE v4.3.6


This update is a major update.

Major new features:
  • A-weighted mappings according to standard IEC 61672
  • STI according to IEC 60268-16 including signal and noise masking effects, also available for EASE Jr users
  • Import and export of Google Sketchup and DXF 2000 data formats
  • Multi-threading support for the room-acoustic module AURA, making it up to 10 times faster on a quad-core PC
  • EASE SpeakerLab v1.1 with numerous new features and analysis options
  • Broadband mappings based on pink noise input signal
  • Project data module revised with respect to loudspeaker properties and database selection
  • much more...


EASE v4.2.4


This update is a maintenance update.

Bugfixes and Changes:
  • Room Editor: Hor/Ver/Rot angles display now consistent in tables and properties windows
  • Mapping/Eyes: Better isoline resolution for RT mappings
  • GLL interface: SPL definition updated, see SpeakerLab release notes below
  • Some minor bugfixes, especially for Windows Vista


EASE v4.2.3


This update is a maintenance update.

  • EARS: Batch processing bug with respect to HRTF selection fixed
  • Some minor bugfixes


EASE v4.2.2


This update is a maintenance update with several bugfixes and a software installer that complies with Microsoft's preferred file layout.

  • EARS: Batch processing bug fixed
  • Standard Mapping / Eyes: Bugfix for mappings in symmetrical rooms
  • Probe: Limit for Pulse Density in Predict Impacts
  • Standard Mapping / Eyes: Forward Integral in Evaluation Window now display in absolut values and not relative
  • Import/Export: Improved error handling when unpacking corrupted projects
  • AURA: Bugfix for diffuse rain
  • Software Installer:
    • Now supports Microsoft preferred installation structure, that is, destination paths for all operating systems
    • New Reset function allows to remove older installations completely and to re-install EASE in a clean and independent manner


EASE v4.2.1


This update is a maintenance update with many bugfixes and a greatly extended version 1.0.5 of EASE SpeakerLab.

Only this version 4.2.1 of EASE is able to read the new v6 GLL format files (created by EASE SpeakerLab v1.0.5), older GLL files will be read, but older program versions will not read the new GLL files.

New features:
  • EASE Probe:
    • User defined window caption, adjustable under Options [F9]
  • Import/Export:
    • Updated DXF import/export functions, including export of loudspeaker case
Major Bugfixes:
  • General:
    • Fix for Play EASE Sounds lock-up on some computers
    • Faster initialization of GLL loudspeakers and progress display
    • Faster handling and calculation when working with GLL loudspeakers
    • Improved Mouse Mode Turn
    • Improved File/Send Picture To in several modules
    • AURA bug fixed for GLL loudspeakers (before loudspeaker properties window had to be opened once)
    • Switching between single and dual monitor setups is now supported
  • Vista Problems (on some computers):
    • Load EASE Mapping File now works
    • Click into the list under Select Project Database does not lock the program
  • Project Data:
    • Bugfix for Extrude Edge along symmetry axis
    • Extrude Face transfers all properties of the original face
    • Edit table remembers last change also after leaving the window with a cell selected
    • Bugfix for RT calculation when there are only default absorbers
    • Bugfixes for extremely large projects (>32767 items) in Item View window
    • Fix for rare error in large projects with coverage cones enabled (overflow on AMD X2)
  • AURA:
    • Bugfixes for extremely large projects (>32767 items)
  • Eyes/Mapping:
    • Selection of different Face Color after Mapping
  • Probe:
    • Read MPC files from EASE 2.1 (RT now correct)
  • Speakerbase:
    • Bugfix for Load DXF Case


EASE v4.2.0.22


New Features and Bugfixes:

=> EASE 4.2 - a free upgrade for all EASE 4.0 and 4.1 users

=> EASE SpeakerLab v1.0 – a new loudspeaker modelling tool

=> EASE GLL Viewer – a free viewer software for loudspeaker data

Major new features:
  • General:
    • Full compliance with MS Vista, including support for enabled User Account Control (UAC) and disabled Virtualization
    • Newly developed geometry engine for shadowing/raytracing calculations in AURA and EASE Ray Tracing (up to a factor of 4 faster)
    • Full support for GLL as new loudspeaker data files => Model line arrays, columns or clusters with GLLs in EASE:
      • Allow modelling of complex sound systems including filters
      • Provide user interaction capabilities that until now were only available through a programmed DLL
      • Use GLLs for prediction of coverage, reverberation and room-acoustics
      • Use GLLs for calculation of overall system directivity and performance
    • Includes new software module EASE SpeakerLab
    • Free EASE GLL Viewer software
  • Probe:
    • Direct data transfer to EASERA, via WAV or BIR (Tools Menu)
  • Import/Export:
    • Updated DXF interface, improved handling of clustered points
  • Main Window:
    • Direct access to EASE SpeakerLab and EASE GLL Viewer
  • Project Data:
    • Loudspeaker properties window gives access to GLL configuration (similar to DLL)
    • Implemented wave field synthesis algorithms as function under Loudspeaker Table / Align Loudspeaker
  • AURA:
    • Several improvements enhance new functions introduced in v4.1.2.16
  • EASE SpeakerLab:
    • Import and view 3D loudspeaker measurements in high-resolution
    • Full support for impulse response and complex frequency response data
    • Build GLL files to:
      • Accurately define near field and far field characteristics of a loudspeaker system
      • Describe complex line array mechanics
      • Take into account IIR and FIR filters for passive and active systems
    • Fully documented text formats allow data viewing and generation by third parties
    • Fast and intuitive data entry using the EASE SpeakerLab graphical user interface
    • SpeakerLab tutorial provides a step-by-step guide through the software
  • GLL Viewer:
    • Freely available viewer to open and analyse GLL files
    • Distribute viewer along with your data files
  • SpeakerBase:
    • Calculation and display of GLL balloons
Major Bugfixes:
  • General:
    • Fixed bug with coexisting versions of Surfer
  • EARS:
    • Add Decay Filter could created an artificial echo, fixed
    • Improved auralisation engine
  • Eyes/Mapping:
    • Optimizations for faster mappings and browsing through calculated maps in evaluation window
    • Fixed overflow error for maps with rough resolution
  • Raytracing:
    • Negative impact chance for very small cut-off times, fixed
  • AURA:
    • Bugfix for memory problems when running AURA Mapping for many receivers
  • Project Data:
    • Bugfix for Extrude Face in symmetrical rooms
  • Several minor bugfixes


EASE v4.1.2.16


Major new features:
  • EASE Mapping/Eyes:
    • Mappings from incompatible projects can now be loaded in
    • More information added to file info
  • EASE Speakerbase:
    • New functions for loudspeakers data manipulation: Mirror, Rotate, Disable Backside
    • Improved import functions, LMS and EASERA formats supported
  • EASE Probe:
    • Improved IR and STI calculation method, derived from AURA but accessible in all versions (Automatic Phase)
    • New AURA core 2.1 is faster and has received many bugfixes
    • New user interface with strongly simplified parameter entry based on mean free path statistics
  • General / EASE Main:
    • Speakerbase Updater replaced by Database Updater, also new wall materials can now be downloaded through the internet.
    • New material database for the US included.

In some cases old mapping or response files may not allow for the new functionality. In such cases a warning will appear and recommend recalculation.

Major Bugfixes:
  • EARS:
    • Faster reading of response files
    • Multi-Channel Convolver improved
    • Bugfix for EARS Convolver for short signals and long filters
  • Raytracing:
    • Improved Interaction with EASE Probe
    • Level abort bug fixed
    • Busy box appears quicker for mirror image calculations
    • Several bugfixes for very large impact files (memory problems)
  • Probe:
    • Bugfix for Import Postfile
    • Exported Wave files now include correct delay
    • Display of Schroeder integral improved
    • Bugfix: Probe crashes for some files when selecting frequency response display
  • Mapping:
    • Bugfix: Listener orientation for Probe/Auralisation not correct
  • Wall Material Database:
    • Now maintains Upper and Lower case file names when saving directly
  • Speakerbase:
    • Coverage Cone calculation improved
  • Project Data:
    • Bugfix in Tables: Using File/Save Table the maximized window blocks the save dialogue.
    • Loudspeaker properties may now show a default filter button if function is supported by Line Array DLL
  • AURA:
    • Delay bug fixed (AURA Mapping)
    • Scattering bug fixed (AURA Response)
    • Legend adjusted for Echo Speech and Echo Music
    • Temporary path standardized
    • Performance improvements
  • Eyes/Mapping:
    • Receiver locations close to walls should no more be considered as shadowed
    • Average/RMS display improved
  • General:
    • Several bugfixes for Unicode systems


EASE v4.1.0.7


This update is a maintenance build fixing known errors:

  • Improved Check Data and better performance of Loudspeaker tables, esp. for Line Array handling
  • DXF Import & Export bug fixed (import using material / color - tables)
  • AURA bug fixed


EASE v4.1.0.6


This update fixes some minor bugs that were found in the major 4.1 release, for example:

  • Sometimes strange RT's appear in the Probe.
  • Wall materials with more than 20 letters are handled correctly during DXF Import/Export
  • Raytracing bug fixed: Draw Only Reflected Rays does not always ignore rays that do not hit a surface
  • Speakerbase - Import Impulse Response now allows to import the on-axis frequency response as sensitivity
  • Bug in AURA Response resolved


EASE v4.1.0.5


This update fixes the bugs that were found in the major 4.1 release, for example regarding DXF Import. It also gives access to the updated 4.1 help files.


EASE v4.1.0.2


Major Update

EASE 4.1 is out. It includes a whole bunch of new features, such as

  • AURA 2.0 with the new Diffuse Rain algorithm. This method incorporates another PhD work from Aachen University. It also adds histograms for better particle control.
  • For Scattering we have build in a new Scattering Wizard: Check the material database
  • The evaluation window features a new Distribution register tab that proves to be extremely useful. It provides you with the statistics for the distribution of levels for the calculated area.
  • We introduce the Coherency Group Principle. Calculations with more than one line array can now be done using partial interference.
  • "Fast Switching" Buttons and Hot Keys to easily jump between the main modules.
  • New Hot Keys, Mouse functions and Mouse Wheel support have been added.
  • Air attenuation according to ISO standard 9613.
  • The Check Holes function has been revised completely.
  • Table functions and Polar Input have been extended.
  • Objects can be mirrored. Faces can be extruded up to the tilted ceiling.
  • New Line Array DLL's are available through the EASE Speakerbase Update.
  • The Probe Schroeder Plot has been revised.
  • EARS features the new Stereo Convolver.
  • The DXF Import has been improved further.
  • And most important for our US users: No more rounding effects in imperial coordinates!


EASE v4.0.40


Minor Update

This subversion includes a whole set of new features:

  • Using the EASE/Help/Speaker Update menu you can update your speaker base online.
  • The EGLViewer included can be distributed freely to customers. It allows viewing of EASE OpenGL files independently from EASE
  • The insertion and duplication of objects has been simplified with regards to the labelling.
  • The Import Impulse Response function now also supports the MLSSA FRQ file format.
  • Various TGA subformats can be imported to be used for textures in EASEVision.


EASE v4.0.37


Minor Update


EASE v4.0.35.3


Minor Update


EASE v4.0.35


EASE 4.0 Release

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