EASE 5 - Full 3D model import from AutoCAD, Rhino, and SketchUp

EASE 5-FE project DWG Import
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With its latest release version 52, EASE 5 now fully supports the import of 3D models in DWG format by considering geometrical data as well as management data. This enables project engineers to conveniently move from their preferred CAD software or externally provided models to the EASE platform for acoustical simulation.

To ensure an efficient import, the 3D model should be created or adjusted in the external CAD tool* in a way that it can be used further as an acoustical model. For existing models, this means that irrelevant details and objects should be removed and acoustically reasonably simplifications applied before the export is performed. For new room drawings, a reasonable level of detail should be used when defining the geometry. The EASE 5 import functions consider 3D Polylines, 3D Faces and Polyface Meshes as well as Layers (in SketchUp: Tags). Other types of objects are discarded and documented in the import log.

Once the model has been imported successfully, intuitive and straight-forward tools such as the innovative hole detection feature help to clean up the model and refine geometrical details. Layers or tags which are imported as selection sets can be checked, renamed, restructured and used to further manage the project. In addition, selection sets are extremely useful to assign acoustic materials or add audience areas to large numbers of faces quickly.

Finally, all settings and acoustic parameters can be adjusted and loudspeakers can be added and configured before starting room acoustic evaluation and simulations.

Workflow_DWG Import 3

This new advantageous workflow is available for all major CAD solutions that support the DWG format in 3D including also Vectorworks, BricsCAD, or Revit. It provides the optimal complement to the light-weight editor built into EASE 5 and can be used for small and for large projects.


* Third party CAD software: AutoCAD by AutoDesk Inc., Rhinoceros 3D by Robert McNeel & Ass., Trimble SketchUp Pro, Vectorworks by Vectorworks Inc., BricsCAD by Bricsys, Revit by AutoDesk Inc. 

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