EASE 5 - Training

Class Provider:
GUZ BOX Design + Audio
Tim Kuschel


Sep 16, 2024 - Sep 19, 2024
09:00 - 17:00

GUZ BOX Design + Audio
Manuka Oval – Media Centre, Manuka Circle
Griffith ACT, Canberra 2603

EASE® training events provide a great way to learn the EASE software in a classroom environment with training provided by experienced EASE instructors. Training caters to all EASE users – from first-time users to more experienced technicians. EASE training provides discussion and examples to suit a wide range of attendees, from sound system operators to audio systems designers, manufacturers representatives to acoustic consultants.

Day time training sessions will concentrate on the new EASE 5 software platform using presentations developed by AFMG staff, representatives in Germany and the USA, as well as dedicated contributions by the Australian instructor.

An evening class will concentrate on loudspeaker interaction and measurement. Demonstrations may include observations of interference between loudspeakers, acoustic coupling, the effects of rooms on microphones, room modes and a number of interesting behaviors of loudspeakers.

Demonstrations of acoustic parameters will also be shown. Reverberation time, STI, and STIPa are discussed and explained showing their influence on perceived sound and intelligibility. The link is made to relevant suggestions for different venue types.

An optional tour of a Canberra venue on the morning of Day 4 will provide the link from software simulation to real-world environments, describing how AFMG products were used in the design + installation of audio systems.

A fully-featured time-limited demonstration version of the EASE 5 software will be provided to all attendees prior to the training event.

Tim Kuschel
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