EASE Address Loudspeaker Database


Several manufacturers have provided their licensed EASE Address data to AFMG for distribution. You can download this database below. Please find an overview of the supported brands here. - Note that some loudspeaker manufacturers distribute the loudspeaker data only through their website or upon request. If you are missing a particular brand in EASE Address, please contact the respective manufacturer directly.

EASE Address Database

How to install:

After unpacking, these data files should be copied to the System Definitions directory of your EASE Address installation, which is usually \Common Documents\AFMG\EASE Address\System Definitions\. To determine this path, start EASE Address, open the Options window [F9] and go to the Environment tab.

AFMG is not responsible for this data. If you have questions regarding accuracy, completeness or up-to-dateness please consult the manufacturer.

Applies to:
EASE Address