EASE Address Upgrade History


EASE Address  v1.1.221


Bug fix for exporting rooms to EASE 4.


EASE Address  v1.1.220


Minor Update and Bug Fixes

  • The software now supports file associations in order to automatically load a project file (*.ead) upon start-up.
  • Improved memory management.
  • Bug fix for Apple computers with M1 processors.
  • Improvements for author file management.
  • Updated example loudspeaker data.


EASE Address  v1.1.21


Major Update

Compared to v1.0.6 this software includes the following changes:

  • Constant-Voltage networks like 100 V, including tap settings and power sum calculation
  • Noise level entry and S/N mapping
  • Import and export of EASE project files
  • New auto-arrange option for SPL variation over the grid
  • Mapping can be saved (after completed) along with the project
  • Create print version now supports RTF and PDF
  • Cursors can be used to show level values in mapping, also relatively to the reference cursor
  • All graphs can be copied to the clipboard or file (use File menu or RMB)
  • Allows copying floor/ceiling images from existing room to new room
  • English and German program version and help files
  • Various bug fixes and minor improvements
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