EASE Focus Upgrade History


EASE Focus v3.1.230


Minor Update

  • Small bug fixes
  • Minor improvements for FIRmaker and FIRmaker 3D functionality .


EASE Focus v3.1.220


Minor Update

New features and improvements:

  • Export sound system:
    • The sound system configuration can be exported to a text file in XLD format.
    • The data includes name, type, location, aiming angle, delay and filter curve for each sound source.
    • XLD files can be imported into EASE as well as 3rd party software such as the SPAT software for spatial audio applications by FLUX::SE.
  • Transferring FIR Filters
    • Full support for transfer of FIRmaker result filters to Lake Controller v8 via DSP Communication API.
  • Saving configuration files:
    • Configuration files (XGLC) now use 1/24th octave filters instead of linearly spaced FIR filters. This results in significantly smaller file sizes especially for FIRmaker and FIRmaker 3D results.
  • Minor improvements for FIRmaker and FIRmaker 3D functionality

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed minor translation issues.


EASE Focus v3.1.190


Minor Update

  • Small improvements for FIRmaker and FIR export via the DSP Communication API


EASE Focus v3.1.180


  • Bug fix for Apple computers with M1 processor


EASE Focus v3.1.170


Minor Update

  • Simplified authorization for FIRmaker 3D
  • Bug fix for Change System Definition


EASE Focus v3.1.160


Minor Update

  • Various improvements and bug fixes for line arrays:
    The way how line arrays can be configured was improved and made more consistent, especially regarding frame selection, box count and box types. This update is related to the preceding updates of EASE 4.4.70 and GLL Viewer 1.1.39.
  • Upgrade to .NET framework version 4.7.2.
  • Bug fixes for presets:
    • The gain settings were not always updated properly after selecting a preset.
    • In some cases, the box count was reset to the preset box count when loading a project or after Undo/Redo.
  • Further bug fixes:
    • Specific case drawings have not been displayed correctly in the Side View.
    • Sound Source Filter Settings page was not always shown when filters were available.
    • Options window could not be opened from Levels window.
    • Side View aiming lines could not be dragged for specific GLLs.
    • Mapping was not refreshed after changing the ear height of an audience area.


EASE Focus v3.1.14


Minor Update

  • Supports GLL Plug-In API v1.2.1:
    The entire mechanical configuration of a line array can now be set via the GLL Plug-In API. For details please see the updated SDK v1.2.1.
  • Bug fixes for weight display:
    • Corrected conversion factor to lbs.
    • Weight updated after switching box types.
  • Further bug fixes:
    • Line array presets correctly set box filters.
    • Changing the input configuration always resets filter settings properly.
    • Various issues fixed related to Copy/Paste Setup for line arrays.
    • Filters set by a GLL plug-in are now saved correctly to an XGLC configuration file.


EASE Focus v3.1.12


Minor Update

Supports GLL Plug-In API v1.1.0:
Geometry data and grouping information for the audience zones and audience areas of the project of EASE Focus 3 can now be retrieved via the GLL Plug-In API. For details please see the updated SDK v1.1.0.


EASE Focus v3.1.11


Maintenance Update

Bug fix for setting splay angles of line array elements via GLL Plug-In API. For specific GLL configurations, angles have been mixed up.


EASE Focus v3.1.10


Maintenance Update

Bug fix for GLL Plug-In API: Position and orientation of line arrays or loudspeakers can now be set properly.


EASE Focus v3.1.9


Minor Update

  • Supports GLL Plug-In API v1.0.2:
    Line array splay angles can now be set using the API. For details please see the updated SDK v1.0.2.
  • Bug fix: Minimum box counts as defined by GLL correctly supported.
  • Several minor bug fixes.


EASE Focus v3.1.7


Minor Update

  • New menu command “Transfer FIR Filters” in File menu allows sending FIR coefficients to supporting DSP control software.
  • Bug fix: After copying a line array setup the gain drop-down boxes of the target array do not affect the mapping anymore.
  • Several bug fixes for saving configuration (XGLC) files of sound sources.
  • Bug fix for Output Channel module of GLL Plug-In API, only affects GLLs with plug-ins.
  • Bug fix for AFMG Database Service for rare access right issues.


EASE Focus v3.1.5


Maintenance Update

  • Bug fix for error after selecting a saved window layout and restarting the software.
    • Saved window layouts, which in the past would have been migrated to new program versions, will be discarded by this update.
    • Companies distributing EASE Focus with their own customized default configuration need to update the *.config file.
  • Bug fix for layout problems with GLL plug-ins in high DPI applications.


EASE Focus v3.1.3


Maintenance Update

  • Bug fix for splay angles shown in print report.
  • Several small bug fixes throughout the program.


EASE Focus v3.1.1


Major Update

  • New GLL Plug-In API implemented. SDK now available for third parties.
  • Secondary Properties window added for Sound Sources with a GLL Plug-In.
  • Improved display of sound sources status messages and project status information.
  • Print report now shows sound source status messages.
  • Numerous bug fixes throughout the program.
  • Several bug fixes for FIRmaker GUI windows, calculation performance, and memory management.


EASE Focus v3.0.18


Maintenance Update

Various smaller and larger bug fixes such as…

  • Flickering bug in Top View mapping resolved.
  • Side View zoom improved for line arrays.
  • Fixed bug when loading projects with specific DLL/GLL system definitions.
  • Paste Setup now copies general Filter settings correctly.
  • Several cosmetic issues resolved related to Spanish and other language translations.


EASE Focus v3.0.15


New Version Release

  • "Complex Summation" allows coherent summation between different sound sources, taking delay and phase into account.
    • A cut-off frequency can be set by the user. Frequencies above this are summed using power summation.
    • Gain, delay, and polarity have been added as parameters to single loudspeakers.
    • Modeling of subwoofer arrays becomes possible due to "Complex Summation". Any combination of subs can be entered manually.
    • Loudspeakers unlocked by the manufacturer can be added as pre-configured subwoofer arrays.
      Version 3.0 supports linear arrays only.
  • Polar coordinate entry for audience areas and zones relative to a reference point.
  • Performance improvements & results caching for use of up to 40 sound sources.
  • "Move active sound sources" allows manipulation of multiple sound sources at once.
  • Stacking loudspeakers, sound sources "drop" into position according to their physical dimensions.
  • Snap to mounting height, line arrays can be aligned with the upper and lower height limits of a venue by hotkey.
  • Extended copy & paste features for line arrays.
  • Gain grouping for line arrays where multiple cabinets are driven by a single amplifier.
  • Overlap regions highlight splay angles in the line array properties and in the side- and levels views.
  • Synchronized view limits for side view and levels view.
  • Database for handling of GLL files provides better functionality when working with larger numbers of system definitions.
  • FIRmaker target curve allows optimization to match the frequency response at a given receiver position.


Applies to:
EASE Focus