EASE SpeakerLab & EASE GLL Viewer Upgrade History




EASE GLL Viewer v1.1.61


Improvements and bug fixes:

  • Fixes incorrect virus detection in main executable.


EASE SpeakerLab v1.1.58, EASE GLL Viewer v1.1.58


Improvements and bug fixes:

  • Improved import and management of FIR filters and measured transfer functions.
  • Updated software installer with license agreement.


EASE SpeakerLab v1.1.52, EASE GLL Viewer v1.1.52


New features and improvements:

  • Measurement data can now be imported also for 15° resolution of meridians or parallels (EASE SpeakerLab only).
  • Configuration window: Box configuration and filter settings are copied from last element when adding elements to a line array.

Bug fixes:

  • URLs specified in GLL are now treated correctly with respect to upper and lower cases.
  • Compiler now checks for unique internal names of box types, filter groups and all other elements (EASE SpeakerLab only).


EASE SpeakerLab v1.1.46, EASE GLL Viewer v1.1.46


  • New input signal added: Speech spectrum according to IEC 60268-16:2020 can now be selected in the calculation setup window when running the GLL project.


EASE SpeakerLab v1.1.45, EASE GLL Viewer v1.1.45


  • Bug fix: Website links in GLL now generally supported, including https.


EASE SpeakerLab v1.1.39, EASE GLL Viewer v1.1.39


Various bug fixes for configuring GLL line arrays:

  • Available box counts now always work and are not rejected.
  • Available box counts now correctly consider GLL minimum and maximum limits as well as available connections between box types.
  • All array configurations are now accessible, also when the connection logic is complicated.
  • Splay angles are correctly updated after a box type change.
  • Frames without valid configuration cannot be accessed anymore.
  • Default configurations improved and made more consistent.


EASE SpeakerLab v1.1.33, EASE GLL Viewer v1.1.33


This update is a minor update.

EASE SpeakerLab v1.1.33 changes:

  • Support for complex 1/24th octave filters - for GLL-based loudspeakers, line arrays and clusters.
  • Support for up to 1000 sources and inputs per box type.
GLL Viewer v1.1.33 changes:
  • Support for complex 1/24th octave filters - for GLL-based loudspeakers, line arrays and clusters.


EASE SpeakerLab v1.1.26


This update includes a few minor bug fixes.


EASE SpeakerLab v1.1.23


This update is a minor bug fix update.


  • Up to 40 filters per filter bank can now be imported into SpeakerLab via “Import Filter” (XGFB) in the Filter Editor or by loading XGLL files via “Open Project”.
  • When increasing the number of boxes within a line array, the splay angles allowed by the connectors are now properly adjusted.


EASE SpeakerLab v1.1.22


An extensive User’s Guide was added with feature descriptions, data formats, practical examples, and measurement guidelines. This manual represents an important reference document for all SpeakerLab users and creators of GLLs.


EASE SpeakerLab v1.1.20, EASE GLL Viewer v1.1.20


This update is a minor update.

EASE SpeakerLab v1.1.20 changes:

  • Maximum number of connectors increased to 10 000.
GLL Viewer v1.1.20 changes:
  • Update to reflect the changes in EASE SpeakerLab


EASE SpeakerLab v1.1.19, EASE GLL Viewer v1.1.19


EASE SpeakerLab v1.1.19 changes:

  • Enable loudspeakers for subwoofer array templates.
  • Minor GUI improvements.

GLL Viewer v1.1.19 changes:

  • Update to reflect the changes in EASE SpeakerLab


EASE SpeakerLab v1.1.18, EASE GLL Viewer v1.1.18


This update is a minor update.

EASE SpeakerLab v1.1.18 changes:

  • Improved performance when reading XGLL projects and other text files.
  • Increased allowed number of author files per GLL.
  • Better selection of box types for line array GLLs.
  • Improvements in installer with regard to setting permissions under UAC.
  • Various minor bugfixes.
GLL Viewer v1.1.18 changes:
  • Better selection of box types for line array GLLs.


EASE SpeakerLab v1.1.12, EASE GLL Viewer v1.1.12


EASE SpeakerLab v1.1.12 changes:
  • Source Editor: Various bugfixes regarding the import of audio data files (esp. LMS import).
  • Source Editor: Load Impedance does not keep raw data anymore, which results in significant decrease of the GSS file size if imported impedance data files are large.
  • GLL Viewer / Source Editor: Sensitivity plot now distinguishes between linear and log/log average, switchable in Options, log/log is new default.
  • Minor bugfixes related Maximum SPL and Sensitivity displays.

This update is a minor update.


EASE SpeakerLab v1.1.11, EASE GLL Viewer v1.1.11


This update is a major update.

EASE SpeakerLab v1.1.11 major features:
  • New graphs and graph adjustment functions
  • Support for transformers for high-impedance network applications modeled in EASE Address
  • Loudspeaker clusters can now be customized by the end user, if allowed by the creator of the GLL
  • Internal filters can be overridden by configuration files, similar to DSP processor settings
  • Improved export of graphics and results
  • Various extensions to GLL and GSS formats

EASE SpeakerLab Pro is now available as well. It adds the following functions:

  • Ideal sound sources, such as rectangular, linear and circular sources
  • Support for vector graphics output
  • Interactive data display and calculation
  • Export to tabular loudspeaker data formats of EASE and other platforms

The Pro version of EASE SpeakerLab is not part of EASE 4.3 and only available directly from AFMG. Additionally we offer advanced technical support for SpeakerLab users in cooperation with our partners.


EASE SpeakerLab v1.0.8, EASE GLL Viewer v1.0.8


This update is a maintenance update.

EASE SpeakerLab v1.0.8 GLL Bugfixes:
  • Maximum SPL definition for multi-way loudspeakers updated. Now the maximum input voltage is limited only by the broadband value. The spectrum of the test signal has only informational character.
  • GLL Viewer: Fix for layout bug occuring for some combinations of font size and display resolution.
  • Source editor now supports 30° angular resolution
  • Various small bugfixes in SpeakerLab and GLL Viewer


EASE SpeakerLab v1.0.7, EASE GLL Viewer v1.0.7


This update is a maintenance update and includes changes necessary for compatibility with EASE Address, the new software for distributed loudspeaker systems.

EASE SpeakerLab v1.0.7 GLL Bugfixes:
  • Now supports creation of GLL files for EASE Address.
  • Various small bugfixes in SpeakerLab and GLL Viewer


EASE SpeakerLab v1.0.6, EASE GLL Viewer v1.0.6


This update is a maintenance update.

EASE SpeakerLab v1.0.6 GLL Bugfixes:
  • SPL normalization in EASE for band-passed sources fixed
  • Delay bug resolved
  • Fixed overflow error in EASE for specific filters
  • Error during calculation of directivity index fixed


EASE SpeakerLab v1.0.5, EASE GLL Viewer v1.0.5


This update is a major update with many extensions.

EASE SpeakerLab v1.0.5 new features:
  • General:
    • Now required to be licensed separately from EASE
    • Various bugfixes, fixes problems with Vista 64 Bit
    • Many extensions and additions
    • Supports new GLL format v6 with Unicode
    • New handling of maximum voltages and input and output signals
    • GLL authorization functions updated
  • GLL Viewer / Source Editor:
    • Extended View menu
    • File/Send Picture To and File/Send Table To added to export tabular data and bitmaps
    • New and updated plots
      • Maximum Input Voltage / Input Voltage
      • Sensitivity
      • Maximum SPL
      • Frequency Response
      • Beamwidth
      • Polar diagrams
  • Source Editor:
    • Extended IR import functions, more formats such as LMS and ETX text
    • Imports EASE SPK, XHN and other conventional loudspeaker data formats
    • Consideration of measurement conditions for level and time of flight correction
    • Test signal for maximum input voltage can be defined
  • GLL Viewer:
    • Absolute levels display
    • Air properties and applied input signal can be user-defined
    • Faster loading of GLL files, improved calculation speed

This version of EASE SpeakerLab reads and writes the new GLL format v6 (EASE versions before 4.2.1 cannot read new v6 format).

Applies to:
EASE SpeakerLab