EASE Standard - Feature List

  • Easy import of drawings in DWG and image file format
  • Straight forward import of 3D models in DWG and FRD (EASE 4) file format
  • Integrated light-weight CAD editor for creating the 3D model
  • Clear software structure with state-of-the-art presentation and navigation
  • Extensive loudspeaker database covering the majority of the world’s renowned loudspeaker manufacturers
  • Intuitive tools for inserting, configuring and finetuning of loudspeaker systems
  • Fast line array configuration
  • Effective material management supported by an extensive database
  • User-defined audience areas and listener seats as reference for mappings, response calculations, and auralization
  • Fast direct field mapping and coverage analysis
  • Accessible statistical room acoustics based on Eyring or Sabine
  • Powerful ray-tracing, reflection analysis and measurement Probe
  • Continuous feature delivery

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