Get the New AURA Module - Boost your EASE Calculation Performance


Get the New AURA Module - Boost your EASE Calculation Performance


STI simulation in a stadium with AURA Mapping.

The AURA module - available in combination with EASE® Standard - enables you to perform advanced acoustical investigations. This is made possible by AURA´s hybrid calculation engine which supports multi-threading and thus considerably reduces calculation times for full impulse responses.

AFMG® gladly announces the upgrade of the AURA module to version 4. AURA is now capable of using the entire RAM of 64-bit Windows operating systems. This memory improvement lifts the RAM limit for AURA mappings and for AURA results used for auralization. It also makes AURA 4 significantly faster. Calculation times are shortened by a factor of 2-3 for typical projects.

With AURA 4 it is easier for you to:

  • Compute mappings and auralization results with higher resolutions.
  • Calculate projects that contain a large number of loudspeakers or complex speaker systems such as line arrays and steerable columns.
  • Create auralizations for medium-sized to large projects. Binaural and B-format results computed with AURA response are not limited anymore.
  • Achieve a more realistic simulation of reflections. The standard curve for the scattering coefficient now takes into account the differences between high and low frequencies.
  • Select groups of loudspeakers for AURA mapping recombinations.


Give your projects a head start and get AURA 4!

Upgrade to AURA 4 at 550 EUR
New Purchase of AURA 4 at 1.150 EUR

If you are eligible for a free EASE® 5 license or if you purchase an upgrade to EASE 5 after its release, the AURA 4 module you purchase now can be used with EASE 5.