Give your EASE projects a boost – upgrade now to the latest AURA version 4!


Give your EASE projects a boost – upgrade now to the latest AURA version 4!

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The EASE® add-on module AURA provides an extensive feature set for detailed room-acoustic analysis based on fast, full-length ray-tracing algorithms. This includes modeling scattering effects, computing speech intelligibility according to IEC 60268-16 (2020), as well as providing precise binaural and B-format auralization results.

Already at the end of 2019, version 4 of the AURA module was published. This version can use the entire RAM of 64-bit Windows operating systems which leads to significant memory and performance improvements. A recent survey by AFMG® has shown that a majority of AURA users are not yet familiar with it. Upgrading to the latest version is highly recommended as it can greatly aid EASE project designs of all kinds and is a must for high-resolution simulations.

Upgrading to version 4 means that acoustic consultants, sound system designers, and project engineers will be able to

  • Achieve more detailed and accurate calculation results as memory limits are lifted for AURA mappings and AURA auralization files by the new 64-bit engine.
  • Increase the calculation performance because AURA version 4 can be 2-3 times faster for typical projects and settings.
  • Obtain more realistic and precise results as the S-curve for default scattering better matches typical room characteristics at high and low frequencies.
  • Easily simulate large sound systems and generate B-format output which is limited now only by available PC memory and processor speed.

Plenty of reasons to upgrade to the latest version 4 - it is now being offered at a reduced price for a short time.


Check your AURA version now

Take the opportunity to purchase the AURA 4 Upgrade for only 470 instead of 580 EUR