How can consultants, system technicians and installers employ FIRmaker in practice?

Since AFMG FIRmaker is a technology that deeply influences the complete system behavior from the DSP block through limiting, amplification, crossover (or vice-versa) to each transducer, AFMG will implement the technology in close partnership with each loudspeaker manufacturer.

Consultants, system designers, sound technicians and contractors can employ FIRmaker directly when the systems of interest have been authorized for FIRmaker by the corresponding loudspeaker manufacturer. Setups can then be planned and FIRmaker optimizations made by anyone. Projects can be stored and passed by electronic means. Reports can be generated, stored or printed to be used for systems specifications for a tender or to guide the system technician during setup and install.

The final exporting of calculated FIR filtersets into the DSP hardware will require an additional, so-called Generator License. This license will be available from the manufacturer of the FIRmaker-enabled system.

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