How do I get the FIRmaker results into my DSPs?

Support for different DSP platforms is rapidly growing. Currently it is already possible to export CSV and other, general filter types and to save them to files. These can be imported into your DSPs.

More and more DSP manufacturers work together with AFMG to enhance the integration of FIRmaker with their platforms. (Please see "Supported Brands / Supported DSP Platforms" for a comprehensive list.) At a final stage, these implementations will support a direct transfer of system setups and FIR filters between the controller software and FIRmaker.

To enable exporting of FIR filter coefficients from FIRmaker, a user or system integrator needs a FIRmaker Generator License. At this point these will be available only from the loudspeaker manufacturers that have licensed FIRmaker. Please contact the manufacturer for your system to obtain a Generator License.

Designing setups with FIRmaker enabled systems in EASE Focus 3 is available to everybody without limitations.

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