How does optimization for uniform coverage affect achievable SPL?

FIRmaker, of course, has to obey the laws of physics. Priorities can be chosen e.g. between a substantial improvement in sound uniformity and maximum achievable SPL. Physics will always dictate a trade-off. However, FIRmaker usually provides far better optimizations within those limits than any conventional tuning could ever achieve.

When assuming the same achievable SPL for a conventional system and a FIRmaker-optimized system, the FIRmaker system will provide significantly improved uniformity and smoothness. Vice versa, when looking at the same degree of SPL variation throughout the venue, FIRmaker will provide measurably higher SPL figures.

The explanation is simple: FIRmaker only adds flexibility in terms of FIR processing. It can exploit the benefits of mechanical steering (in case of a conventionally splayed line array) and expand beyond that by increasing the coherent summation of the sound sources on a very granular level.

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