I draw my EASE room in SketchUp. If I import it in EASE, I do not see all layer names as proposals for EASE materials. What did I do wrong?

The SketchUp import process uses two possible sources for the EASE material of an EASE face.

  1. If the SketchUp face has a SketchUp material attached, then this is the preferred proposal for the EASE material.
  2. If the SketchUp face has the Default material attached, then the layer name is used as a proposal for the EASE material.

Example 1:

This picture shows a face which has an internal (EASE front) material “Material06”.

The SketchUp rear material, shown on the right in green in the Entity Info below, will always be used in EASE as the front material and the SketchUp front material will always be used in EASE as the rear material.

Entity Info on SketchUp

The import shows all attached SketchUp materials for which EASE materials need to be assigned.

This assignment is done automatically if the name of the SketchUp material is found in the EASE material database. If the names of EASE materials are used when drawing the SketchUp model, the assignment is also done automatically.

Please note that the Layer name "Class A" is neglected, it is not imported in the "Import Layer Name" table.

EASE Import - Assign Material Window


Example 2:

This face has the Default SketchUp material. It is on layer “CONCRETE R".

SketchUp - Layer "CONCRETE R"


The import window shows the EASE material according to the SketchUp layer name:

EASE - Import Window with Material Name
    Applies to:
    EASE 4