I have a GLL I cannot import into EASE Evac, what is the problem?

At the moment, EASE Evac supports typical ceiling loudspeakers and regular point source loudspeakers for wall mounting. Line arrays and steered column speakers are not yet supported.
In order to use loudspeaker data in EASE Evac, you need to have this available as a .GLL file. These files are either already included in the AFMG loudspeaker database for EASE Evac or, in many cases, can be downloaded from the respective manufacturer’s website.

To import a newly obtained GLL into EASE Evac, please got to the File menu and choose Import System Definitions.











If you experience the following or a similar error during import, the GLL you have available is not compatible with EASE Evac yet.








There are two possible reasons for this error:

  1. The GLL you are trying to use might be a line array, steered column loudspeaker or another complex sound source which is not yet supported in EASE Evac.
  2. Your manufacturer has not completed the “rated coverage angle” field inside the GLL’s data.

In case of reason 2, please contact your manufacturer and ask them to supply a new, updated GLL to the public.
AFMG will also be very happy to receive all updated GLLs for distribution through our databases.

Additional explanation:
The “rated coverage angle” field has always been available in the GLL definitions. It has not been used in older simulation tools before EASE Evac, however.
For this reason, many loudspeaker manufacturers have simply not completed the field – which now is the reason for the error you are experiencing.
To solve the issue, the manufacturer needs to perform three simple steps:

  • Locate the original “XGLL project” possibly with his R&D engineers.
  • Open the project and complete the “rated coverage angle” field.
  • Re-compile the new version of the GLL.

The new version will then work in EASE Evac.
Please ask the manufacturer to also send the new GLL to @email for public distribution.

The AMFG database for EASE Evac can be downloaded from here .

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