I purchased my EASE 4 license after March 12, 2018: When will I receive my free license for EASE 5?

To help our existing EASE 4 customers make a smooth transition to the new EASE platform, AFMG has granted a free license of EASE 5 for each new commercial license of EASE 4.4 purchased between March 12, 2018 and October 3rd, 2022.

These customers can retrieve their free EASE 5 license now or at a later date upon request. We will provide a regular time-limited two-year license of the corresponding feature level*.

As soon as your license term expires, the license is deactivated and you cannot continue to work with the software. The license expiration will be displayed in the software for the last 30 days of the license term and you will also receive reminder emails. To keep your license active, you must pay a Renewal Fee. This can be done any time before the license term expires or up to 30 days after the license term has expired. After the period of 30 days an initial fee must be paid to activate the license again.

The existing EASE 4 license remains unchanged.

Please contact our Sales Team to initiate the delivery of your free license.


* EASE 4 JR -> EASE 5 JR
  EASE 4 Standard -> EASE 5 Standard
  EASE 4 Standard + AURA Module -> EASE 5 Pro
  EASE 4 Standard + EARS Module -> EASE 5 Pro
  EASE 4 Standard + AURA Module + EARS Module -> EASE 5 Pro

A higher feature level can be aquired by paying the difference between the price of a license with the higher feature level and the price of the license with the lower feature level delivered  for free.


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