Invisible Items - How to get them back?

I opened a Vertex property sheet and checkmarked "Invisible". Afterwards the Vertex isn't rendered anymore, so far so good. But now I want the Vertex to appear again, but I can't pick it. How can I get it back?

There are a fistful of possibilities to solve this problem:

  1. Use the shortcut Ctrl+Shift+v to open the Vertex Table Window. Checkmark the column labeled "Vis" (or "Img" if it is the symmetric counter part) for the missing Vertex. Then select File/Apply to see the Vertex being back again.
  2. Use Utilities/Find Item. Insert the label of the Vertex to be searched. If the entered name is correct then it will be picked afterwards. Now you can use the RMB/Properties or F4 or Edit/Properties to access the properties sheet.
  3. Go to Options Window/Items Tab (Shortcut: F9) and change (LMB click) the column "Inv." (for invisible items) in the row "Vertices " to "Yes". This will cause all Vertices which are set invisible to be rendered, regardless of their property "Invisible".
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