Lake Convolver Peak Gain

Using the Lake Convolver: if a .BIR filter is added, the 'Peak Gain' button does not adjust the 'Gain [dB]' until after the filter has been installed and playback has been started.

The Lake convolver expects a proper gain setting for all filters. If gain is low, there is numerical background noise, if gain is too high, numerical clipping occurs. You can enter appropriate values into the 'Gain' field for each filter separately. Switch the filters by the 'FIR Filter' listbox or by the 'PREV', 'NEXT' buttons of the convolver control panel.

There is no way to know the convolver output peak level other than to do the convolution. The 'Peak Gain' button adjusts the 'Gain' to the PREVIOUSLY RECORDED (by convolving) 'Peak Level'. So, do a 1.pass convolution, optionally with 'Utils/Silent When Clipping' on, with EVERY filter over a suitable length of the input signal. Re-open the filter definition field and press 'Peak Gain' which adjusts all filters. One cannot scale the input level but only the filter gains. Therefore, filters must be unloaded, scaled, and loaded again. Optionally, use 'Tools/Save FIR Gain' or 'Tools/Save All FIR Gains' to store the Gain values found into the BIR files for the next time. Then, the 2.pass should be fine.

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