Local Base vs. Global Base

When should I use Local Base import and when Global Base Import?

  1. Global Base import always means that already imported base files (Speaker Models and Wall Materials) won't be reimported. New base files will be added to this list (Import21.lsp and Import21.wal), so that every base file is only imported once. This means they are somehow public to other imported projects and they will be used in future imports according to that list. Base files shipping with Ease 3.0 on the CD are registered as already imported during the installation. So in most cases they will be used.
  2. Local Base import never considers any already existing Speaker Models or Wall Materials. Additionally all base files are reimported in a more private subdirectory of the project. They are not added to the list (Import21.lsp and Import21.wal), as a result they won't be available as already imported base files for other import procedures. The only way to use them in other projects is to set the pointers manually with Select Speaker Models or Select Wall Materials in the Project Data Module.
  3. Import Project Group/Local Base is a mixture of both. The import book files Import21.lsp and Import21.wal are not used, but projects are allowed to use the same imported base files, if they are imported in one step. The structure created is very similiar to the old Ease 2.1 style.

To sum it up it can be said, that:

  1. If you want to update old projects to the new base files then you should use Global Base import.
  2. If you want to import an old project just to take a look at it and you don't want to change the current base files (by adding a few others), or if you want to reexamine projects using exactly the same data and for example compare Ease 3.0 calculation output with the results of Ease 2.1, then you should use Local Base import.
  3. If you want to keep old structures or if you want to keep a set of old projects (maybe different versions of the same building) using the same base files, then you should use the Project Group/Local Base import procedure.

Please keep in mind: Self-imported Speaker Models are not authorized. Because the frequency and angular resolution is higher, the manufacturer may have decided to add some more detailed data, so that the old Speaker Models are no more valid.
See also question above: "Files Import21.lsp and Import21.wal"

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