Material Color versus Face Color

What is the difference between Material Color and Face Color?

  1. The Material Color depends on the Wall Material assigned to the rendered Face. So if you use this option then everytime a face is rendered the program will search the Material Base for the right color. You can set the color of a Wall Material using the Ease Wall Material Base.
  2. If you use Face Color then the color specific to the face is used. The color of the foreside (and backside - if twofold) of a Face can be selected in many ways (under Ease Project Data):
    1. Edit the Face Properties Sheet (Color box).
    2. Use the RMB (pick Face first) and activate the menu item "Color".
    3. Shift+F2 does the same job.
    4. Click the row of the Face in the Color column of the Face Table Window.
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