Menu Items "Keep to Auralize" and "Keep as Start Default"

What are the menu options 'Keep to Auralize' and 'Keep as Start Default' under Ears/Utilities used for?

Both are used for the definition of convolver start-up configurations. The settings with 'Keep to Auralize' are applied if the convolver is called by 'Auralize Direct Sound' from within EASE Eyes, EASE Mapping, EASE Probe, or double-clicking a BIR file in the Windows Explorer if EASEEars.exe is assigned to *.BIR files. The settings of 'Keep as Start Default' are applied if in the EARS window the menu 'Tools/Auralization' is clicked.

Example 1: In the convolver window, you have set EARS Convolver, Voice.wav as input file, $output.wav' as output file. You have an FIR filter added and loaded, i.e. the filter field closed. Now you click on 'Keep as Start Default'. This stores the current state.

Next time you have started EARS, make a filter current by 'File/ Open BIR File'. Now click on 'Tools/Auralization'. The convolver now will set Voice.wav as input file, $output.wav' as output file, add and load the current FIR file.

Example 2: In the convolver window, you have set Lake Convolver. You have switched on [x] Convolve, you have set Input and Output to Audio. You have a filter added and loaded. You have clicked PLAY on the Convolver Control Panel. While playing, click on 'Utilities/Keep to Auralize'. This stores the current state.

Next time when you are in EASE Eyes and click on the EAR button in the Walker window, the direct sound response file will be created and transferred to EASE Ears. There, it will be converted into a temporary binaural response BIR. This will be transferred to the convolver. The convolver will use Lake with Audio input and Audio output, it will add and load the current BIR file, and will start playing.

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