Message "Convolver Error 1: General Error"

CD playback with the Lake Convolver results in the error message 'Convolver Error 1: General Error'. The CD player itself does work. What does that mean?

There can be many different causes for this error. Most probably, however, is an installation problem related to your sound card and/or audio mixer.
Does the Lake convolver on your PC work fine with

  1. WAV file input and WAV file output ? If not, there is a problem with the convolver dll or its supporting libraries. You may need to restart your PC or to re-install EASE 3.0.
  2. WAV file input and Audio output ? Make sure your sound card is properly connected with input signal (sometimes you need to plug in a thin cable from the CD ROM drive inside your PC) and with output headphones. Make sure your sound card is properly configured as playback audio device under Settings/System Control/Multimedia/Audio. Make sure your that ALL related mixer channels are switched on and not set to minimum volume under Ears/Tools/Volume Control/ Options/Properties
  3. Audio input and Audio output ? You need a full duplex audio card. Two different simplex cards will also do, but this way is not recommended. Make sure that input and output channels are installed on different mixer devices. Make sure that FULL DUPLEX mode is enabled under Settings/System Control/Multimedia/Audio. Use mixer channels under Ears/Tools/ Volume Control/Options/Properties to listen to the input channel, the output channel, to both or to none.
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