Receiver Angles in Probe

I found some strange checkmarks in the Options Window, namely "Hor Turn Seats" and "Ver Turn Seats". Turning it on or off does not seem to affect the rendered view. What does this option mean?

Accessable in the Properties Window in the Project Data Module Listener Seats have orientation angles like horizontal or vertical angle. If these angles equal zero then the Listener Seats are looking in -Y direction, meaning toward the stage. Setting the angles leads to changes for example in the local response hedgehog, which can be viewed under Ease Probe, and the auralized sound, because the used HRTF is not sphere-symmetric. If you want to keep these angles with the project, but you also want the Listener Seats to look toward the stage, maybe for presentation purposes, then you can use this feature. It sets the Listener Seat angles back to zero, but only during the rendering procedure.

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