SDK for DSP Communication Service

SDK for DSP Communication

In order to facilitate the transfer of FIR filters to third party DSP software, AFMG provides manufacturers with an SDK for our DSP Communication Service. With this software development kit, the DSP manufacturer is able to develop its own server module that automates the communication with EASE Focus 3. This functionality significantly speeds up the work of sound system designers and consultants.

From the DSP control software the system configuration and filter settings can be sent to the DSP hardware. These hardware items include dedicated DSP equipment, intelligent amplifiers with extensive signal processing capabilities, and modern loudspeakers with built-in DSP ready to process FIR filters.  

The AFMG SDK for DSP Communication Service is typically provided to DSP and amplifier manufacturers free of charge. For more information about this software development kit, please use our contact form.

More details about the different ways to export FIR filter coefficients from FIRmaker to an external DSP can be viewed here: How do the FIR filter coefficients get from FIRmaker into the DSP?

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