Version Comparison SpeakerLab

Feature / Version Basic Pro
Import data file formats from the following measurement programs: EASERA (.etm, .efr, & .etx), MLSSA (.tim & .frq), Monkey Forest (.dat & .spk), CLIO time date (.txt), LMS (.txt), and Wave files (.wav)
Support for high-resolution loudspeaker data up to 1° resolution
Support for theoretically ideal source shapes (line source, circular piston source, and rectangular piston source)  
Modeling of loudspeakers made up of an unlimited number of sources
Calculation of effects due to air absorption
Support for building clusters & line arrays
Graphical display and export of modeling results including the following parameters: sensitivity, transfer function (absolute & normalized to on-axis), polars, beamwidth, directivity index, directivity maps, directivity balloons, maximum input voltage, and maximum SPL
Export modeling configuration to text files for use in EASE and other AFMG programs
Export displayed graphs in vector graphics format  
Generation of GLL data files for EASE, EASE Evac, EASE Focus 3, EASE Address, and FIRmaker
Mark, authorize and enable GLLs with multiple levels of authorization files
6 months advanced technical support
Export loudspeaker modeling results of combined sources to the following loudspeaker data formats: EASE 4.x SPK (.spk), EASE XHN (.xhn), CLF text file (.txt), Ulysses (.unf), and CADP2 (.gdf)  
Automated & interactive recalculation and display of results  
Export modeling results to text files for use in spread sheets and other programs