Version Comparison SysTune

Feature / Version Standard Pro
8 channels with sampling rates from 8 kHz - 192 kHz
"Real-Time Deconvolution (RTD)" (patent pending)
Measurements with sweeps, log sweeps and pink noise
Integrated, specialized signal generator
Measurements with user-definable signals
Measurements with live sound
Real-time measurement of... Impulse response,
phase response,
transfer function,
group delay
Impulse response,
phase response,
transfer function,
group delay
Calibrated measurements of... SPL, LEQ, NC,
histograms, voltage
histograms, voltage,
current, impedance
Real-time calculation of STI and RT

according to IEC 60268-16, R2003

Calculation of noise criteria NC NC, RNC, NR, RC Mark II
Averaging of measurements
Normalization of measurements to a defined function  
Calculation of harmonics in the input spectrum  
Unique cursor comparisons and evaluation within overlays
"Time-Frequency Constant (TFC)" Window (patent pending)
Patented SSA Filter
Save & store single measurements as snapshot "Overlays"
Permanent display of coherence and IR stability
Precise, configurable real-time spectrogram
Versatile logging of SPL, LEQ, etc.
Expandable database of health regulations for different countries
Web-Interface for remote control from smartphones, tablets, etc.
Simulation of EQ settings with "Virtual EQ" High-pass,
High shelving,
Low shelving,
4x parametric
20 freely configurbale
IIR/FIR filters of
any type, shape, or order
"Delay-Analysis" module

Sub, Mid, Full range

Sub, Mid, Full range &
user conf.

Open plug-in API for third-party software
Offline investigation of recordings made on site (one or multi-channel)  
Channel mapping matrix to allow access to more than 8 channels  
Adapting curve display properties Color
(only overlays)
Color, line width, font size