We are a loudspeaker company. How can we add our data to EASE Focus?

Although EASE Focus is a free software for the end user, manufacturers have to pay a license fee in order to include their data. Please contact us for more information and the current price list.

Acoustic, electronic and mechanical data must be assembled in a single data file. This file is called a "GLL" and can also include your logo and company information. Note that as of EASE Focus version 2 and above all data need to be in 3D. Data in 2D as it was used in EASE Focus 1 is not supported anymore.

  • For the acoustic data, you must include sensitivity, maximum SPL and balloon measurements for each loudspeaker model. See this list of service providers if you don't have your own measurement setup.
  • Electronic data regarding adjustable filters of the line array system can be measured by you or by the companies above. For more information about the measurement techniques and about how to create GLLs on your own, please see this FAQ: 
    We are a loudspeaker company. Do you have measurement guidelines for creating loudspeaker data files in GLL format?
  • The mechanical data must include the dimensions and weight of each loudspeaker model as well as of the rigging frames. Also, available splay angles and ground stacking setups must be defined.
  • Some of the companies linked to above offer to generate GLLs for EASE Focus version 2 and above "ready-to-go".
  • The GLL files generated for EASE Focus can also be used in other AFMG modeling software, like EASE 4.x without changes.

Licensed companies can distribute their data files as well as the EASE Focus software freely to their customers, via internet download or CD.

If you have the above loudspeaker data available, you can order the necessary authorization files to unlock your GLLs in EASE Focus from AFMG directly.

Applies to:
EASE Focus