We would like to make loudspeaker configuration data available for import into EASE 5. How does it work and what needs to be considered?

Loudspeaker Configuration Files in EASE 5

EASE supports text-based file formats that describe the configuration of a sound system.

  • Files in XGLC format contain the configuration of a single loudspeaker object. For example, in case of a line array, the XGLC files stores information about the number of elements, the splay angles and the box types used.
  • Files in XLD format contain general information of the sound system as a group of loudspeaker objects. The format describes each loudspeaker object by its speaker model, its position and aiming angles, as well as its delay and a 1/3rd octave-based EQ. These two file formats complement each other. 

Both formats can be read by EASE 5 whereas XGLC files can also be saved by EASE  5 for use in other projects or in other software. 

The XGLC format specifications are described in EASE SpeakerLab User’s Guide page 302 and the specification of the XLD format in the following document: Loudspeaker Format XLD

Find an example for each format here: 


Loading a Sound System Configuration


The PROJECT > OPEN and PROJECT > ADD commands from the FILE ribbon menu can be used to import sound system configurations in the XLD format. After the data was imported, corresponding loudspeakers are created in the room model at the respective locations. Speaker models are assigned automatically from the database if available. If a referenced speaker model is not found in the database, the OMNIDIRECTIONAL default model is assigned. 

One prominent use case for XLD files is the transfer of sound system configurations from AFMG’s EASE Focus software as well as from proprietary 3rd party manufacturer design software.


Loading a Loudspeaker Configuration 

XGLC Import

The CONFIGURATION > LOAD menu button can be used to load XGLC loudspeaker setup files for line arrays, other loudspeaker clusters and single loudspeakers. These files may have been saved by other software applications, such as AFMG’s EASE Focus software. Loading a configuration file applies the setup stored in the file to the currently selected loudspeaker objects. 


A detailed description of the imported XGLC configurations in relation to different speaker definitions can be found in the EASE 5 - User's Guide.


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